How to Stage Your House to Sell: Our Complete Arizona House Tour

how to stage your house to sell fast

It’s here! The complete room by room tour of our house in Arizona, as it was when we sold it. We lived in and loved this house for four years, and along the way, made it our own. It sold in one week (almost to the minute) for full asking price.

To put that into perspective, our realtor told us to expect it to take 30-60 days. I think the improvements we made to a wonderful house to begin with coupled with some great DIY staging contributed to the quick sale. Scroll to the end for some house staging tips!

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3 Steps to Paint Oak Kitchen Cabinets White: Before and After

painting kitchen cabinets white before and after

Here’s how we painted our dated oak kitchen cabinets, with plenty of before and after photos. Talk about the difference some paint makes! It’s a big job, but it pays off! Our realtor saw our kitchen before, and after we’d painted the cabinets, she suggested increasing what we planned to ask for the house by $30,000 – and it sold in one week. 

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. These are the listing photos for our Arizona house.

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How to Make Easy Hand Lettered Farmhouse Signs

In this post, I’ll show you how to make easy hand lettered signs – and you don’t need good handwriting!

I have an art problem. It’s a collection problem – I just love collecting it! When we moved to New York, we had a slightly crazy number of boxes labeled “art and decor.” I have a special soft spot for hand lettered signs. Whenever I go to craft fairs, or even Hobby Lobby, I want to buy ALL the farmhouse signs. Anyone else raising their hand?!

After one such craft fair, I realized I had a stash of perfectly sized scraps of wood. With a couple of inexpensive canvases I picked up on sale, by trial and error, I figured out how to create my own hand-lettered signs, without learning calligraphy!

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DIY This Luxurious Rose Sugar Scrub

When I was growing up, I loved poring over the pages of my mom’s books of natural beauty recipes. I don’t remember what they were called or who they were written by, but I remember the lovely thick pages filled with body scrubs, creams, hair treatments, toners, masks, and facials, all made with items from the grocery store. It all sounded so luxurious, and yet it was so attainable. Although I wasn’t a girly-girl by any stretch, something about the idea of taking good care of my skin and hair was appealing. No matter how much of a tomboy I might have seemed, I did want to be pampered, even if it was just by putting oatmeal in my hair.

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Before and After Bathroom Vanity Transformation with Painted Tile Countertop

How we transformed our vanity for $24

Read on for the tutorial for how we transformed our dated vanity with noting but paint, and saved ourselves hundreds!

Before I get into this post – let me first say that we have moved! In about three weeks, we fixed up our house, listed it, sold it, packed, and moved from Arizona to New York. While I was eight months pregnant. With a three year old.

It’s nothing short of a miracle. While we’re getting settled into our new house and expecting baby #2 to arrive any day, I’ll share a few of the projects we took on that helped us sell our house for about $30,000 more than we’d originally anticipated. This vanity makeover was Priority No. 1.

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