Beauty Find Friday: Free Shopping and Style Help

So, let’s talk about shopping. I have discovered that I really don’t enjoy shopping at a mall, most of the time. There’s so many options, so many stores, distracting loud music and large crowds – it makes it hard to think clearly. I’ve recently collected a few helpful websites that pertain to shopping and style that I’m really excited to use! So for this week’s Beauty Find Friday, I’m sharing them with you! – I discovered this blog a few weeks ago. The author posts almost daily pictures of her outfits, usually business casual, with some weekend outfits too. I love that it’s REAL style – totally wearable, affordable, and looks good on real women’s bodies, not just super model types! I also enjoy her posts about how to pack everything you need for trips in one suitcase. Since I’m trying to maintain a capsule wardrobe of 100 items or less, having the visual inspiration different ways of combining pieces is great! – I discovered this website from reading about it in Real Simple. It provides you with a personal stylist, who will create 5-7 looks for you based on your style, or even a specific occasion, for free! The stylists are paid a commission if you purchase the items in the looks they create for you, but there’s no obligation or pressure to buy anything. I’m seriously considering trying this, just to get some new ideas and a better vision for my wardrobe. – If you have your eye on a particular item that’s out of your price range, this tool will altert you with an email when it goes on sale! I’m planning to use this for a few investment pieces I’d like. – Similarily, this site creates a customized list of what you’re looking for that’s currently marked down. Here, you can pick from broad categories, like “brown riding boots under $100” etc. – Sometimes when I’m checking out online, I’ll do a quick Google search for the store name and “coupon” or “discount code.” Sometimes I’ve found some great discounts that I didn’t know were going on! Other times, the codes didn’t work. ZenDeals verifies all the coupon codes on their site daily to make sure they’re still current.

Have you used these sites and tools? What did you think of them? What makes shopping easier for you? Share your thoughts with the rest of us in the comments!

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Beauty Find Friday: Gallery Wall Inspiration


A Beautiful Mess

I don’t know if it’s the anticipation of fall, or a delayed spring cleaning reflex, but I’ve been in a home decor-y mood lately. I showed you my inspiration for my ideal bedroom, and for this week’s Beauty Find Friday, I want to talk about gallery walls.

A gallery wall is a large arrangement of photos, art, or objects. Sometimes, gallery walls have a theme, style, or color scheme.

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Beauty Find Friday: Calm and Cozy Bedroom Decor

Emily’s house from Cupcakes and Cashmere on Style Me Pretty
Piece by piece, I’ve pulling together a vision for our bedroom. I’ve collected lots of ideas on Pinterest, but none seemed to incorporate all the elements I had in mind. Then I found Emily’s house. Not only do I love her fashion sense, but I fell in love with her house. Each room is the perfect blend of simplicity, comfort, and style. I wish I could just move in!
Cupcakes and Cashmere house on Style Me Pretty

But since that would be awkward, I’ll have to just take inspiration from it.

  • I love the soothing gray on the wall. I’d probably opt for a light blue, but I’d consider gray if there was enough natural light in the room.
  • I love the gray, white, and yellow color scheme. I’d swap out the yellow for aqua or mint. 
  • I love the sheepskin rug. It would totally be worth getting out of bed in the morning to be able to put my feet on that. 
  • I love the white picture frames on the wall. For a while, I wanted to do something very similar, except with some words in the frames, like this.
  • I love the white furniture and bedspread. I’m a big fan of Scandinavian style, with some French country accents. I loved our old white bedspread, but I didn’t love drycleaning it. The machine washable gray one we have now is more practical for us.
Based on what I love about that bedroom, I put together my own version:
Serene Bedroom Design

Like I said, the bedspread is machine washable, from Target, and I love the aqua accent it adds. I like that this nightstand can hold books and magazines inside, so they aren’t in a big messy pile on top, like mine looks right now. The sheepskin rug from Ikea is a must, and the cozy Ursula blanket. 

I love butterflies, but I also love feathers. I’m not sure I’d combine both in the same room, but I might. 

Almost everything in my collage is from Ikea. I kind of fell in love with the Scandinavian style, and especially with the prices. I know that some of their stuff isn’t the highest quality, but when I went to Ikea for the first time ever a few weeks ago, Brian and I were both surprised by how high quality a lot of their furniture and appliances are. 

I’m hoping to implement my vision bit by bit, but starting with that sheepskin rug. My birthday is on Sunday (hint hint to any family reading!).

I’m probably the only person out there who’s late to the Ikea party, so what’s your experience shopping from Ikea? What’s your vision for your bedroom?

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Beauty Find Friday: Thrifty Finds

Last week, a friend we hadn’t seen all summer dropped by to catch up with us. We sat around the living room and talked; actually, we listened, our friend did most of the talking. We knew there were major, difficult changes going on in their life, but that’s not what they talked about. Lots of “Remember when…” but nothing deep. When they left, in a way I felt like we hadn’t really caught up at all. 
Which I totally understand. I’m in a similar place – there’s so much going on inside my head and heart, I’m struggling to put words to it. Hence, I’ve been a little light on the blogging here lately. I’ll be back to three times a week soon, I promise. I have so much to say that I haven’t had time or energy to say, I might actually post more than that!
Even though I feel like I haven’t caught you up here, I have been busy talking about other things elsewhere. I was interviewed on Sage Grayson Coaching and I wrote an article for Sweet and Sage, and this next week, I have a guest post by Alana of Sparrow and Grace here on Monday and I’ll be on her blog on Wednesday. She is sharing here about how she finds beauty in everyday, and I’m sharing there about contentment and my confidence journey. You won’t want to miss next week!
This week was hard, emotionally and mentally, so yesterday I decided to do something just for fun. I haven’t gone thrifting for ages! It was the perfect cure. 
I know some people would love to have a shiny gold snakeskin bag like the one above. It looks pretty similar to this bag by Ralph Lauren for $158.

I’ve seen dozens of DIY tutorials for making these macrame plant holders. Unfortunately, I don’t have plants, and so, no use for it. 

Someone decided to get rid of their NSYNC posters. Is that Justin Timberlake?!

Aladdin slippers! These are the real deal. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a flying carpet to go with them. I’ll have to try again next week.

I brought home a navy blue Banana Republic tee, a GAP black and white tee, and a fold-over clutch. The tees were $5 each, and the clutch was 70 cents! I wanted to make my own fold-over clutch when they first became super popular using A Beautiful Mess’s tutorial, but you just can’t beat that price!
By the way, Brian is recovering well from having his wisdom teeth removed. He’s eating solid food again!

Next weekend, I’m going to a clothing swap for the first time! I’m getting rid of 18 tops, four bottoms, and seven accessories, and I’m not planning to bring that much home with me. I’ll have to do an outfit post before too long to show you what I find!

Speaking of finds, have you discovered any treasures thrifting lately? Let me know what you found in the comments so I can ooh and ahh with you!

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LIFE: Interview on Sage Grayson Coaching!

What led me to start my business? What does an average day look like for me? I’m answering those questions, and several more, on Sage Grayson Coaching today! Plus, there’s a free printable for you!
Sage is a life coach who motivates women to develop loving, respectful relationships; design a career that ignites your passion; and feel connected to their mind, body, and spirit. As Sage says, “It’s your life…make it sweet!”
How do you help women make their lives sweet? 
I help women make their lives sweet by encouraging them to find the beauty in the everyday. Because I believe that God has a purpose for each of our lives, each day contains His fingerprints—something beautiful. We just have to take the time to look for it. Life isn’t without storms and struggle, but I believe that even in the really hard times, we can find beauty. I’ve written about my struggles with depression, loneliness, and self-confidence issues with the intention of bringing hope and encouragement to others. 
Speaking of finding the beauty in the everyday…yesterday Brian had all of his wisdom teeth removed. I’m not sure who was more stressed about it, he or me. My stomach felt like one giant knot all day! He came out of the anesthesia very quickly, and hasn’t been in much pain. I worried yesterday that he wasn’t eating enough, or drinking enough, or taking enough pain meds, but he’s totally fine today….just sick of me trying to taking care of him! He doesn’t like me to tell him when to take medicine….or when to do anything, for that matter, and he just gets whatever he wants himself instead of letting me do it. I’m trying to anticipate what he needs and beat him to it, but so far, that’s not working out well. At least, I’m thankful that he’s a low-maintenance patient.
Yesterday, I worked on several projects nearby, trying to tune out the TV with headphones. I really felt like I needed to make progress on my lengthy to-do list for the week. Then I realized that it’s not every day Brian has surgery and we get to spend lots of down time together. Honestly, it was difficult for me to just sit with him and just watch movies. I really wanted to multi-task and write blog posts or planning for the trip we’re taking in a few weeks with the youth group. I finally made a decision to shut down my computer AND put my phone away, and be in one place at a time. 
After I finish this blog post, I’m planning to do the same today! Have a great weekend, and take time to slow down, relax, and do the most important things, one at a time!

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Beauty Find Friday: First Day of Summer!

It’s official! Today is the first day of summer. What would make it the best summer ever? 

These strawberry coconut popcicles would sure help!

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Wearing flowers in your hair.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

A summery outfit.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Tasty Mexican food.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest


Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Swimming and sunbathing.

Source: Uploaded by user via Emily on Pinterest

And just relaxing.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Here’s to our summer adventures!

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

This weekend, Brian and I are celebrating our third anniversary with trip to Scottsdale, visiting an art museum, and a baseball game!

What’s on your summer bucket list? Share in the comments!

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Beauty Find Friday: #DailyArt Challenge

I mentioned on Monday that I was going to challenge myself to make art every day this week. Here’s how I did!


Chanel N.5
I had so much fun with this painting. The glass jars were a fun challenge. I painted this based on a photo, whose source I can’t find, but you can see it here on Pinterest.


Polish and Pearls
On Tuesday, I grabbed my two favorite nail polishes and my favorite jewelry for a still life painting. The nail polishes are Essie’s Ballet Slippers, and L’Oreal’s Greycian Goddess.


Peach Peonies and Pink Roses
On Tuesday night, I skyped with my little sister, who recently got engaged, to discuss her wedding invitations. I couldn’t help but get started on it the next day! These florals are inspired by this bouquet.


Yesterday was probably my best painting day of the week. I was feeling very discouraged after receiving yet another rejection email for a job I felt very qualified for, again without the chance to interview. Painting took my mind off my troubles. It’s great therapy.
Coffee Table Style
The painting of the girl is based on this Kate Spade striped Celina dress, and the peonies and books are based on this photo, which is from SF Girl By Bay.


I don’t have anything to show for today yet, and honestly, I’m not sure I will have time to do any drawing or painting later today. It’s shaping up to be a busy weekend, but hopefully I’ll be able to take a few minutes to de-stress with my pencils and paints.
Did you enjoy my art? Follow me on Instagram for the behind the scenes, and if you really like my style, I’m considering offering prints of some of my paintings in my Etsy shop, so stay tuned!

Beauty Find Friday: 10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

watercolor butterfly
It’s one of those days when I have all kinds of deep thoughts swirling around in my head, and I can’t seem to get them out onto the screen in a way that makes any kind of sense. So instead, I’m just talking about myself. I’ve read several “Things You Might Not Know About Me” posts lately, and I think it’s really fun to get to know bloggers better! Plus, each of our lives is full of little pieces that together make our beautiful story. So here’s ten things you might not know about me:
1. In high school, I was in the Colorguard. You know, the girls with flags that are part of the marching band. It’s cheerleader meets band geek, and it was awesome!
2. I used to play the organ. I took lessons for quite some time from our church organist, but I never felt like I was good enough to play in church. It was a really fun instrument!
3. I love red hair! I know it’s probably stereotypical, but I perceive people with red hair to be so free-spirited, passionate, and creative. I’m super jealous of this girl’s hair!
4. I never used to wear nail polish, ever. I felt like my fingers couldn’t breathe. However, when I started losing weight last year, I needed a reward that wasn’t food related, and so I decided on painting my nails. I love it now! It’s one of my favorite things to do in the evenings. 
5. I went through a serious pink phase in grade school. I distinctly remember opening my drawer one morning, and realizing that every single shirt was either a shade of pink or pink stripes. 
6. Needles and medical stuff really bothers me. Like, I will literally get lightheaded and woozy if you start talking about how many screws are in your broken ankle, a bloody injury, someone’s surgery, or I think about someone getting a shot. IT SUCKS. And the weird thing is, I didn’t used to be like this. I became afraid of needles and blood in high school after fainting when attempting to give blood, but only in the last year or so has it progressed to this point. Any advice for how to get over it?
7. I once wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up. But anytime I told someone, they responded with disparaging remarks about lawyers, and said I would have to defend people who were truly guilty and lie about it. So I changed my mind, and when I was older and wiser, I realized that there are many types of lawyers. 
8. I’m currently reading “When People Are Big and God is Small.” It’s a life changer! If you’ve ever struggled with fear of other people dominating your life, you should read it. Actually, I think everyone should read it!
9. I don’t have any tatoos, but if I got one, it would probably be a blue butterfly. I highly doubt I’ll ever get a tatoo though, see #6. I’m finally feeling recovered after writing #6. I told you it was bad.
10. I start every day with yoga. I go through exercise phases, and right now, I’m definitely into it. I watch Tara Stiles’ video podcasts, and try a new routine each week. 
Now it’s your turn! What’s something people don’t know about you?

Beauty Find Friday: Beach Home Decor

Since we’ve enjoyed 100 degree temperatures lately, I’ve often found myself daydreaming of a beach escape. Here in the desert, the prevailing color scheme is various shades of brown. Interiors are generally beige, cream, or deep colors like burgundy, gold, and dark green. It’s not my style at all. I’m a big fan of light, open, bright spaces. My favorite style is a mix of Norwegian, French country, cottage, and with beach house touches.

I’ve been brainstorming ways to use my collection of seashells, and also ways to bring in subtle beachy style without going crazy with lighthouses and surfboards. For today’s Beauty Find Friday, here’s some of my favorite beachy decor items I’ve found on Etsy.

I love the vintage vibe of this hand embroidered hoop art.

I love this octopus pillow!
I had a difficult time picking just one of Clare’s paintings from Tastes Orangey.
The copper base of this globe looks modern/industrial to me, which is nice to mix it up a little. 

I know this isn’t decor, but isn’t it amazing?! Copper Starfish Coral Ring.

These wall hooks fit perfectly with the anchor trend.

This chandelier is a not-so-subtle tribute to the beach! I’m not sure what I’d do with a chandelier like this, but it is pretty cool. 
Happy Friday! I hope you will stop and appreciate beauty wherever you find it this weekend. 

Beauty Find Friday: Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Mom

Mother’s Day is nine days away, and if you’re still stumped about what to get for your mom or a mom you know, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a round up of gifts from Scribbles From Emily’s affiliates as well as some favorite Etsy finds for the young mom, the craft loving mom, the gourmet mom, and the fashionista mom.

For the young mom:

Mother's Day Gifts for a New Mom

These candy pink Kate Spade earrings will make her feel put together with minimal effort. The purity made simple one-step facial cleansing cloths will simplify her night routine. Speaking of simplifying, the One Bite at a Time e-book contains once a week projects for a simpler lifestyle, and it’s a quick, portable read. The Dexbaby Nursery Organizer keeps everything accessible, and the Kids Line Cascade Bow Diaper Bag that looks like a purse totes it around in style.

For the crafty mom:

She’ll need this for her craft room wall: Make What You Love print from LittleLow.

Craftsy classes are very reasonably priced, but with a craftsy account, she’ll also be able to enjoy the free Craftsy mini-courses, such as:

1. Modern Buttercream: Learn to use buttercream like a pro! Discover the tricks and tips to construct and create a beautifully finished buttercream cake.
2.Sewing Machine 911: Give your sewing machine some TLC with the help of this free course. Learn to clean and maintain your sewing machine with tips and tricks taught in this class.
Check out all of the other free Craftsy mini-courses by clicking here, and gift any class!

Did you know that you can give Etsy Giftcards? Your mom can pick out her own crafty finds!

For the gourmet mom:

The Fresh Herbs reusable storage bag from Harvest Haversack is beautiful and eco friendly.

Gifts for the Gourmet Mom

Brightly colored and unique kitchen and hosting items are always a good gift.

For adding a little sunshine to the kitchen: Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe Painting by Lucile’s Kitchen. 

For the fashionista mom:

Gifts for the Fashionista Mom

Eye makeup / Beauty product / 83 Piece Essential Makeup Collection

hope in a jar is Philosophy’s most popular facial moisturizer, which claims to work perfectly with all skin types. The e.l.f. mascara shield is an inexpensive item for flawless application, and moisturizing Radiant Cosmetics lipsticks help fund rehabilitation for sex trafficking survivors.

There are many, many beautiful cards on Etsy! And did you know, I re-designed the Rose Mother’s Day Card to include a message inside?

On Monday, I also listed a new card: 

Plus, you could get Mother’s Day cards for free if you win the $20 credit to my shop in the giveaway going on now! It ends tonight, so enter while you can!

What do you do for your mom on Mother’s Day? Share your ideas with us in the comments!