Living Room: Summer to Fall Decor

Long long ago, I shared the inspiration I’d gathered for decorating the living room for summer with a beach house nautical feel. I never did get around to painting the entry way navy, sadly, but I did still achieve the sophisticated Southern California vibe I wanted. 
I kept the posters up that I used for my spring mantle because they worked so well with everything else. I think I might just keep them up year round, they go with everything, and they’re just my favorite.
I bought the anchor, seashells, and starfish at a shop in Seal Beach, the overflow of what I used in Edison’s room. The shadow boxes are a DIY.
The whiteboard in front of the fireplace…that’s just to keep Sirius from getting in there and dragging remnants of charred wood all over the rug, and leaving sooty footprints all over the house. Been there, done that.
Ah yes, the entry way. I love the little lanterns I got at Ikea, and the fishing net I got to keep after one of the baby showers. But this arrangement, and the gallery wall, are seriously lacking something. More things on the wall? Taller objects on the table? 

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to bust out the fall decorations! Let’s get this pumpkin spice scented party started.

I own one tote of fall decor, which is a 50% increase since we bought the house. A little goes a surprisingly long way.

How fitting is that pillow? I bought that in Southern California along with the beachy items, but the burlap, red, and gray fit perfectly for fall. And it’s super comfy.
I bought navy and white pillow cases from this Etsy shop to give the pink and gold pillows a face-lift without having to buy and store more pillows. The anchor pillow in Edison’s room used to be out here on the couch also.

Better Homes and Gardens got the memo to match my teal and orange color scheme. 


The globe is from Target, and the clock I’ve had so long, I’m not sure where it came from. 
I realized as I arranged this that have “autumn wreath,” “cinnamon spice,” “farm stand apple,” and “cappuccino” scented candles, but I’m not sure I own a pumpkin spice candle! The horror!

And my sad entryway… it doesn’t help that the lighting was terrible, but I only have limited time before the little man wakes up from his nap. So if you have any ideas for this space, let me know in the comments below.
Anyone have a recommendation for where to find a good pumpkin spice candle? Let me know asap! 

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Easy Summer Craft: Gold Painted Seashells

To me, summer = beach, beach = seashells. I have quite a collection – Panama City, North Myrtle Beach, Cannon Beach, several beaches in California and a beach in Mexico are represented.

Most of them have sat in my craft drawer or a jar on the bathroom counter, just waiting to a creative way to be displayed. Thank you, Pinterest.

In my summer bucket list post, I mentioned painting seashells. This is such an easy craft, it doesn’t really need a tutorial, but since I put my own spin on the Pinterest versions, and the shells turned out so well, I really just wanted an excuse to post pictures.

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Beauty Find Friday: Beach Home Decor

Since we’ve enjoyed 100 degree temperatures lately, I’ve often found myself daydreaming of a beach escape. Here in the desert, the prevailing color scheme is various shades of brown. Interiors are generally beige, cream, or deep colors like burgundy, gold, and dark green. It’s not my style at all. I’m a big fan of light, open, bright spaces. My favorite style is a mix of Norwegian, French country, cottage, and with beach house touches.

I’ve been brainstorming ways to use my collection of seashells, and also ways to bring in subtle beachy style without going crazy with lighthouses and surfboards. For today’s Beauty Find Friday, here’s some of my favorite beachy decor items I’ve found on Etsy.

I love the vintage vibe of this hand embroidered hoop art.

I love this octopus pillow!
I had a difficult time picking just one of Clare’s paintings from Tastes Orangey.
The copper base of this globe looks modern/industrial to me, which is nice to mix it up a little. 

I know this isn’t decor, but isn’t it amazing?! Copper Starfish Coral Ring.

These wall hooks fit perfectly with the anchor trend.

This chandelier is a not-so-subtle tribute to the beach! I’m not sure what I’d do with a chandelier like this, but it is pretty cool. 
Happy Friday! I hope you will stop and appreciate beauty wherever you find it this weekend.