My 2nd Trimester Recap

“How are you feeling?”

During the second trimester, when we’re really showing, all pregnant women understand what it’s like to be asked that question non-stop! There’s nothing wrong with the question, but I’m stuck on how I should go about answering it. Do they mean, how I’m feeling physically at the moment (probably fine) or mentally (losing it) or emotionally (in chaos)? Do they really want to know?

So usually I say, “Pretty good!” or “Pregnant!” Both of which are true. But here’s a more in depth recap of my second trimester, now that I’m at 31 weeks!

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Q&A: Baby Registry for a Second Baby

Q: Can you make a baby registry for a second baby? Even if the second baby is the same gender as the first?

I pondered this question for some time. Because here’s the deal, I now know things I didn’t know before. I know that the baby carrier I registered for and received was horribly uncomfortable. The rocking chair I bought online at Target also didn’t feel anything like the one in the store. And I’ve discovered new products that I wish I’d had the first time.

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