How to Make Baby Joggers From a Tee Shirt

It finally got too cold for shorts here in Phoenix, so joggers were a natural progression. I love that they’re stretchy and allow for plenty of running, crawling, and climbing.
Edison’s hoodie in the photos above, if you’re curious, is from A Quiver Full. Use the code “JESUS” for 20% off!
This project has been sitting on my Pinterest board for ages, and I finally did it! If my photos and directions below don’t make sense, check out the original tutorial I followed here. These really do take half an hour, or less! I made two pairs during one nap-time.

You will need: 

  • An adult tee shirt. I used an old shirt from Loft. 
  • 1/2 wide elastic for the waistband.
  • Paper for your pattern. 
  • A sewing machine and thread, scissors, etc.

Step 1: Make your pattern. On a large piece of paper, mark the waistband of the pants, and then the crotch, and then the ends of the legs on your paper, and fill in the sides. Add an inch to the top, because this will be folded over to make your waistband. Add a half inch around the edge, for your seam. Your patter should look a little more square than the pair of pants you’re tracing.

Step Two: Cut out your pieces.  Place your tee shirt on a flat surface, making sure the hem lines up. Then pin your pattern to the tee, lining up the legs with the bottom of the shirt (I didn’t get the left leg lined up perfectly, but ideally, they should both line up). Then cut through both layers of the tee.

Step Three: Turn the pieces so the right sides are together. Then, sew a quarter inch seam around the pant legs.

Step 4: Fold over your waistband, and sew down the edge, leaving a gap of a couple inches for putting in the elastic.

Step Five: Going off of the existing pair of pants you used for your pattern, measure your elastic and cut it to that size. Push a safety pin through one end, and then feed it through the hole you left in the waistband, and pull all the way through. 

Once you have the elastic all the way through, you’ll need to sew the ends of the elastic together. fold them over each other, and sew a few lines up and down to tack them together. Above, I’ve done it on a second pair of pants. Getting the elastic under the sewing machine is probably the most tricky part of this whole thing.

Step Six: Once the elastic is back inside, sew the gap closed, and turn right side out. 
Tada! Happy Christmas crafting! And enjoy some more photos of Edison modeling 🙂

#FridayFinds: Storytime

Photo books, notebooks, Happily Ever After, and knights and dragons – this week’s finds have a theme!

1. Chat Books and Prints: I’ve listed these in my Friday Finds before, but did you see the hilarious commercial they came out with recently? I think all mom’s can appreciate it! #ScrapbookingMutiny.

In addition to the books, which really do take 30 seconds to set up and arrive like mini Christmas presents each month, I also get five prints with each book for an extra $2. I never remember to print photos, so this works perfectly for me. When I get the notification that a book is going to go to print soon, I go into the app and select which photos I’d like to get as prints also. Super easy!

Want to try it out? You can get your first chat book FREE using my code: QN4VP2V6

2. Rifle Paper Co. Notebooks: I could no sooner chose a favorite Rifle Paper Co. notebook than I could a favorite star in the heavens, so I’m really excited about this three pack of mini notebooks! These are destined to be prayer journals, but in the meantime, they also make great desk decor.

3. Happily Ever After Sign: I picked this up in Flagstaff, and my favorite store with a terrible name: P.J. ChilCottage. (Love you guys, your customer service is great and your store is full of all things beautiful, but someone really should re-think that). They had several great options, but this one is perfect for our office book shelf next to some family photos. 


4. Storytime Socks: Aren’t these too cute?! I bought Edison the pair of knight and dragon socks also at P.J’s in Flagstaff, but you can buy them on Amazon! The ones I bought cost $12, but they are $8 on Amazon, although some of the other designs are far more expensive.
Those are my finds for this week! Do you have any new discoveries to share?This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

#FridayFinds: Little Man’s Closet in Black, Red, and Plaid

Little Man's Closet: Black and Red

Band hat / Charcoal grey t shirt / Striped jersey / Black with Red Bottoms Baby Moccasins Tinybabysoles Baby Moccasins,… / Jesus Grace & Pumpkin Spice – A Quiver Full / Plaid / Brave Tee – A Quiver Full / I Make Mama’s Heart full tees Tink Key / Plaid Husky Bow/ Bow Tie – A Quiver Full

Shop small this fall, y’all!

All the items above are made and sold by creative mamas. A few to note:

Edison owns a “Worth” tee from Camplight apparel, and it’s one of my favorites, since it’s so soft. Every purchase from Camplight Apparel helps feed malnourished children.

The “Jesus, Grace, and PSL” sweatshirt is for those of us mamas who love to cozy up in a sweatshirt with a pumpkin spice latte.

The “Brave” tee has a slingshot on it, as a reminder of the story of David and Goliath.

The plaid bow can also be worn as a bow tie, so I couldn’t resist getting one for Edison.

The PSL sweatshirt, Brave tee, plaid bow and scarf below are all from A Quiver Full, and 15% of proceeds go to fund adoptions.

Edison is a brand rep for them, so you can get 20% off your purchase with the code FF20. Just add “Scribbles From Emily” in the comments section when checking out, so they know we sent you!

4 Tees New Moms Need

The tricky thing about Mother’s Day is that you’re really not supposed to buy things for yourself – it’s up to your husband and children to deliver on showing you their appreciation. But what do you do when the child in question is too young to put their hand-prints in cement, color a picture, or “help” make breakfast in bed? 
Plus, I think we can all agree that moms need to be recognized year round. So maybe this time, treat yourself to one of these tees. All of them support other mom-run companies!

1. Grace Upon Coffee Tee from Camplight Apparel

Keeping it real people! New moms run on prayers and caffeine. I own this shirt, and not only is it super soft, but it’s also not super thin. It’s one of my go-to tees for the weekend. Plus, this is from a mom-run business that gives back – a portion of all proceeds go to feeding malnourished children.

2. Proud Sponsor of Coffee and Cuddles from Dovetail Vintage

I own the Fruit of the Spirit baseball tee from Dovetail Vintage, but I almost bought this one. It’s too perfect for mom bloggers!

3. Don’t Waste Your Motherhood from Today Is A Miracle.

Here’s the heart behind this tee: “For those mommas who put their own health on hold to bring your child into this world, for those mommas who fought hard and kept believing even when all logic said to give up, for you mommas who couldn’t carry your own babies and had to ask for help, for you mommas who know deep in your bones how priceless this gift of motherhood is…this one is for you.  Don’t waste your motherhood.” Also, $5 from every tee sold is donated to the Cystinosis Research Foundation.

4. Embracing Mommyhood from Sweet T’s Design Shop.

The story behind this tee:

“Here at Sweet T’s, we are passionate about women. We are passionate about Moms. And we are passionate about sharing what we have with others. Our goal with this tee is to have Moms wear it and be reminded to embrace the hard days, the good days, and all the in-between. Mommyhood is a huge calling and though it’s not always easy, it’s what we were created for and we can do it!!
With each “Embracing Mommyhood” tee purchased, we are going to donate 10% of the proceeds to Young Lives. This organization brings hope to teen Moms and gives them a safe place to feel loved. They share the gospel with these sweet girls, they love on them without judgement, and they accept them … All Mamas, young and old, deserve this love and acceptance and we want to help spread this message.”

It doesn’t get better than that!
And even though it’s not a tee, just for fun, I think every new mom in your life needs one of Honeycomb Baby Good’s super cute teething necklaces!
Edison greats me every day when I get home from work and pick him up by promptly chewing on my necklace. These beads are made from silicone and are soft and chewy, perfect for little sore gums.

Of course, these tees don’t just make great gifts for new moms – moms of all stages would probably love one of these great tees. 

So there you go! Treat yourself, support other moms, and give back to great causes! Happy Mother’s Day!

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Five Friday Finds: Little Man Closet Edition

Little Man's Closet: Mustard

Imagining Edison in this outfit makes me so happy! Mustard yellow is one of my favorite colors, especially in January, when we have a few more cloudy days than usual. Although, I’m not really complaining about the weather, since I know most of the country just dealt with Blizzard 2016.

I should mention that as of right now, Edison doesn’t own any of these items, and also this post isn’t sponsored. These are fun finds on my wish list, not only because of how adorable they are, but also the stories behind the products.

This year, one of my resolutions is to get back to shopping ethically. It used to be difficult to find very ethical children’s clothing, but I’ve found so many great shops on Instagram that I can’t wait to share with you!

The slouchy beanie is from NOXX,  and is handmade locally, in Scottsdale Arizona. They make beanies of all sizes, with new colors and fabrics all the time. Since he has practically no hair still, I’m thinking that some hats might be a good idea for Edison.

The jersey leggings are from Alexandra Rose, and are also handmade. I wish they came in grown up sizes!

I love the truth on this tiny baby sweatshirt from Camplight Apparel. Every purchase from Camplight Apparel helps feed malnourished children.

These leather loafer shoes are from Potato Feet, a handmade family business in LA. I’ve put several pairs of their moccasins on my wish list.

The colors and patterns in this quilt are stunning! It’s also handmade, from a local company in Mesa called KB Cute Designs. They also make bedding, changing covers, swaddle blankets, and beanies.

Have you found any great local treasures lately? Give them a shout out in the comments!

Life Lately: Six Months!

You guys. Six months! I distinctly remember thinking when he was around two months old that six months seemed so far away. And then all of a sudden, it was here. It’s his half-birthday – that means Edison is halfway to one whole year old!

Good news: when we came home after visiting family for Christmas, we ran out of Edison’s reflux medicine. And just as the Dr. predicted would happen at some point, he was just fine. We never got it refilled, and he’s had no acid reflux issues for almost a month! 
Also, right before we left to visit family for Christmas, I’d taken him to a last minute Dr. appointment. At his 4 month appointment, he’d fallen from the 48th percentile in weight to the 8th. At that appointment, days before he turned 5 months, he’d fallen even further: 4th percentile. Yikes. He still seemed perfectly happy and content, so I tried very hard not to go down the I’m-a-bad-mom slippery slope. We started feeding him a bottle of formula on occasion, and a couple weeks ago, we started some solids. At his six month check up, he was up to 10th percentile! I’m also highly amused that his height is 16th percentile, and get this: his head circumference is in the 83rd. It’s confirmed: he’s a baby genius.

He took huge strides (not literally) sitting up while we were visiting family over Christmas, and he sits mostly unsupported now. I think he’s about to start crawling any day. Still no teeth, but he’s a ferocious chomper. Watch your fingers.

It’s been fun introducing him to solids. He loved oatmeal cereal (takes after his dad), and so for his first vegetable, I started him with squash. I personally love squash, and Brian hates it, so I figure that if I can get Edison to like it, I’ll actually have a reason to buy it. Squash was a hit, and then we tried peas and apples a couple times, but the faces of disgust and shock … well, we got some great videos, but we couldn’t torture the poor kid. Sweet potatoes, another favorite of mine that Brian detests, seem pretty ok. So far, I’m winning when it comes to food preferences.

He babbles, sings on occasion, and giggles on the regular. He greatly dislikes wearing shoes, and I absolutely love dressing him up. The bow tie and cardigan he got for Christmas are my favorites, and he’s a good sport about it. 

Always a charmer!
Happy Half-birthday Little Man!

Life Lately: Our October

Brian did the Arizona Half-Ironman! It’s a 1.2 mile swim, followed by a 56 mile bike ride, and topped off with a half marathon. Yeah. I was more than a little concerned for him going into it, since he hadn’t been able to train all that much with helping me take care of Edison. But he did it! And my sister-in-law, Edison, and I were there to cheer him all all seven and a half hours of it. I’m so proud!
It was a tiring day for all of us. 
Speaking of tired, Edison has had a slow time adjusting to sleeping at daycare. He usually only takes very short naps there, when I’m working from home with him the next day, he’s very sleepy and snuggly. 
In the last couple weeks, he’s improved his fine motor skills. Pulling this little blanket’s ribbons into his mouth, and burying his face in it, are some of his new favorite things to do. 

Reaching new heights!

Going back to work has been … challenging. Beyond what I imagine is normal – I have a new boss, a new job, my entire department has been restructured … and many other challenges that I can’t go into here.

But I recently read this quote, and it sums up my perspective. I know that I’m capable of learning to do whatever I set my mind to and making it great, so there’s no sense in wasting energy on the past.

The sunsets lately have been incredible.

Our little man turned three months old! Look at those smiles!
He’s starting to look like a toddler, and my heart can’t handle it. 
At daycare, he made his first art! He painted this pumpkin with his feet. Clearly, my baby is a genius. 

With all the drama at work, Halloween snuck up on me. I had to improvise with what I had already for Edison’s costume. I figured that if we took Edison trick-or-treating, our neighbors might see through that, so I’m hoping that next year we’ll have a reason to get dressed up as a family (including Sirius!).

Happy Halloween!

Since it is actually a little chilly, Edison decided he’d prefer to be a sailor for Halloween.

That’s a bit of life lately! I hope you had a safe and fun Halloween!
Out of curiosity, how old were your kids when you first took them trick-or-treating? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook.

Letter to Edison

I wrote this letter to Edison about ten days before he was born. It’s hard to believe he’s eleven weeks old already! Our newborn photos were taken by Sophia Brown Photography.

Today I tried to imagine how you might look – I pictured you running through a forest with sandy blonde hair and freckles. Maybe your hair has a little curl to it. If it’s red and curly like your Aunt Evi’s, I’ll thank the Lord every day. 

Maybe your hair is stick straight and brown, and your eyes are just like your daddy’s – blue and green, ever changing color. It was those eyes that made me fall in love with your daddy, you know. It was love at first sight; the first time I looked into those blue-green eyes. They stole my heart. 

You’ll have a good sense of humor, probably a little on the cheesy side, like your dad. Maybe you’ll be introverted, like me, and love writing and reading. Or you’ll inherit your dad’s ability to make friends everywhere you go. 
Maybe you’ll be the life of the party on your baseball team. Or basketball, since we already know you’ll be tall. But you know your dad has his heart set on teaching you everything he knows about baseball. You’ll also have to be a Yankees fan. We all do. 
You’ll probably be prone to moods, like your parents, and have a sensitive heart. There’s no shame in crying during movies, or at the end of a good book. Trust us.
Maybe you’ll have a bit of mommy’s temper. Or, maybe you’ll take after your dad, and take everything in stride, long-suffering and patient. Except when driving. Oh, you’ll be driving before we know it! And then we’ll really know whose child you are.
I wonder if you’ll like math, or prefer art. Maybe you’ll be a scholar, or a philosopher, or an artist. Maybe you’ll be loud and athletic and vivacious. Maybe you’ll be some combination.

You’ll be like us, and yet in your own way. 
We’ll see ourselves in you, and yet you’ll be all you, Edison.

Life Lately: Savoring the Days

There will be a week when we don’t go to the doctor! But this is not that week.

I began the week with a sore throat, and since strep has been going around … I just didn’t want to take any chances. The doctor gave me antibiotics just in case, but with as stuffy as my head feels today, I’m pretty sure it’s just a common cold, thankfully!
So, I’ve been chugging tea with honey, and taking lots of Cold-Eeze. Brian says they work for him, so I’m giving it a try. I even ate raw garlic. I hate being sick that much. It’s not for the faint of heart.
But let’s back up. Last weekend, I met my good friend and mentor for coffee. I’d think about getting together with her, and then put off sending a text. Or I’d get a text from her, and say “We need to have coffee!” but then never set a date. I finally decided this weekend I would just make it work. I felt so refreshed and encouraged afterwards!
My sister-in-law spent last weekend with us. We went to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning, and I made a great discovery. I’d been having such a hard time watching Brian scarf down M&Ms in front of me (ok, so I did put them on the grocery list for him as a thank you for all the early morning feedings he does, and just generally for being a great husband) knowing that the pain a little milk protein causes Edison is not worth even one tiny M&M. But seriously folks, after a long day of taking care of a fussy baby, I just wanted some smooth chocolaty goodness to make me feel better. 
So when I tasted Stonegrindz’ samples at the farmer’s market, you better believe I bought some! Dairy-free for the win!
And those cotton candy flavors – the peanut butter and jelly one was crazy good!
Per the doctors orders at his two month appointment, we worked with Edison on sleeping in his crib instead of just his swing a few times this week. Now he’s awake…
… and now he’s out. 

He fell asleep in the time it took me to text his mom and sister-in-laws a picture of him in those pj’s. They’re a little too big still, but they belonged to his daddy when he was a baby. They must be very cozy!
Edison has not wanted to stay asleep when taking naps this week. The photo is blurry since the swing was still in motion, but this is his “I’m not going back to sleep and you can’t make me” face. 

The only time he wants to sleep it seems is when mama is holding him. That means I haven’t done much else this week, but I have photographic proof of my excuse.

Who can resist that face? (Also, apparently I really like that striped shirt!)
I will admit that I start stressing out over how little I get done every day. Our floors haven’t been mopped in who knows how long, and the bathroom is starting to look like a research study of just how remarkably grimy a bathroom can become when only two people use it (it defies logic). Every time I walk by the sticky places on the floor or see the dust on the coffee table, I think: someone should probably clean that.
My mother-in-law has this beautiful poem hanging on her bedroom wall: 

The cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
But children grow up as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs; Dust go to sleep!
I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.

I also visited a daycare on Monday, and it impressed on me how little time I have left to spend just holding him as much as I want to. So the cleaning can wait.

Sirius is taking his role as nanny more seriously lately. 
But he seems to think that entitles him to special privileges. 
Guess who is sleeping through the night now! ALL OF US! With the exception of last Saturday night, after a day of being out and about and off his schedule, he’s going on about two weeks of eating between 8-10 pm, and then sleeping until between 4-6 am. 
That means someone, aka me, is now getting up for that first early morning feeding so that Brian can go work out. His half Ironman triathlon (!!!) is coming up in a couple weeks, so every extra workout counts! I have never ever been a morning person, so this is taking some getting used to. 
Edison is back to taking his reflux medicine. We’ve found that that combination of medicine plus dairy-free diet works really well, and without one or the other, after a few days Edison will start being in pain after eating and having a difficult time sleeping. And it takes at least a week for any milk product to leave my system, which is very motivational as far as keeping me from eating those M&Ms. 
On Tuesday, I’d signed up for a group clinic with the lactation consultant and a pediatric chiropractor. It was really the only thing left that I hadn’t tried. Over the weekend, breastfeeding was as excruciating as always. Then of course, I got this cold. So on Monday night, I told Brian, “I just really don’t want to go.” 
“Then don’t go.” He said. “This means you’re done, then, right?”  
“Yes, I guess I’m done.”
And that was that. Not how I wanted this to end, but I’m ready. Yes, it’s time-consuming to have to feed Edison from a bottle and then pump afterwards. And I worried for a long time about missing out on the bonding experience, but I really think we’ve bonded just fine. I worried about how much we’d also spent on procedures and consultations and felt like if I just stuck it out a little longer, maybe it would work out. But I finally decided that enough was enough. Enough money, enough doctor appointments, and enough pain and frustration, on both my part and Edison’s. 
I know some people who stuck it out for four months, and others who’ve told me if they had half of the issues I’ve had, they would have quit a long time ago. Ultimately, I know that now is the right time to stop for us. I plan to try again with the next baby, should God give us one! 
Whew. That was really hard to share! I honestly didn’t think when I started sharing our post-baby troubles that this would be the conclusion, but it didn’t feel honest to not write it. 
On a lighter note, I had a post-baby first today. While I was pumping, the doorbell rang. I turned and saw the pest control guy standing there, and I remembered in a flash that they were coming to spray our house TODAY. I got unhooked from the machine in record time! 
And that’s life lately! Thanks for reading!

Life Lately: Growing Up

In the first six weeks of his life, Edison went to the doctor eight times. That doesn’t count two lab visits for tests. In the same time period, I went to Urgent Care three times and my OB twice, and met with a lactation consultant twice. So, seventeen doctor/lab/consultations? “Crazy” feels like an understatement. For awhile, it seemed like we did little besides go to appointments and the airport. But after two months, we’re finally starting to figure out our “new normal.”

After the last update I wrote, I planned to go to Urgent Care the next week to get the very itchy rash spreading across my chest checked out. But surprise! I woke up that Friday morning with mastitis a second time. I was surprised to discover that I could actually feel worse than I had before. Brian had gone to work, Edison was crying and needed to be fed, and even though I could barely move, somehow I warmed up a bottle for him and managed to feed him. Both of us were screaming. That was a low point.

While I strapped Edison into his car seat, he smiled for the first time! I cried some happy tears.

Then I realized that I couldn’t carry him to the car with one arm. I called a friend from church, and she just happened to be in the area – nothing short of miraculous. She dropped me off at the Urgent Care, took me to Walgreens, and watched Edison all afternoon until Brian got home. She was a lifesaver, and it was truly amazing.

My mother-in-law offered to come back for a week while I recovered, and we gladly accepted the invitation. When I saw the OB that Monday, I was still running a fever! They prescribed me a different antibiotic and an anti-fungal, and assured me that one of the two would take care of the rash.

But it didn’t.

In the meantime, after meeting with the lactation consultant again, I felt encouraged that things were going better. I breastfeed him the next three feedings, and promptly started bleeding again. So… back to square one there. But I also started eliminating milk products entirely from my diet. All along, I thought that avoiding the products with lactose would be good enough. But the lactation consultant explained that it’s milk proteins, stuff like whey, that’s the problem, and those are in a lot more than just dairy foods – we’re talking anything made with milk or butter.

On September 2nd, Edison had the lip-tie procedure. It turned out that he had a position 4 lip-tie that was indenting his gum, about as severe as you could get. Edison barely cried afterwards!

We had contemplated going to California for Labor Day, but we knew we’d have to leave on the same day as Edison’s lip-tie release, and I was still recovering from mastitis. Plus, we hadn’t taken him anywhere besides the doctor and airport to pick up and drop off family. But then, I figured that if we were going to be miserable, we might as well be miserable in California, where there’s an ocean. Right?

So we went. It wasn’t easy, but I’m really glad we did it. We needed the escape!

The next week, I saw a family practice doctor about the rash, and he thought it looked like hives since it had migrated to my elbows and thighs, and gave me two antihistamines to take.They didn’t seem to help much, but going to the doctor again was the last thing I wanted to do.

The 13th was Edison’s first Sunday at church! And also the last time he’ll be able to fit in his bow tie onesie, these pants, and these shoes that he wore for the first time that day. That’s what happens when you don’t get out much.

We had that week all to ourselves. Then my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew came to visit. Up to this point, that one smile on the day I had to go to Urgent Care was really the only one I’d seen. Then when these guys walked through the door, he immediately gave them a big smile! He really turned on the charm for them – smiles and giggles all week long!

My niece and nephew were so excited to meet their cousin. He’s so loved.

We went to the playground, spent time in the pool, drew countless pictures, visited an arts and innovation children’s museum, and the splash pad and playgrounds at Riverview Mesa. I’m already anticipating when Edison will be old enough to enjoy it!

He did like getting some pool time, even though it always wore him out.

“Arizona is so fun!” my niece said several times. I asked her the morning they left what was the most fun, between all the things we did that week. She answered without missing a beat: “Playing with Edison!”

On Sunday, Edison and I cheered on daddy as he swam/biked/ran his first Olympic distance triathlon!

The next day, our little man turned two months old!!!

This month, he’s started looking at people’s faces, and just last week, smiling and laughing in earnest. When he looks at you and smiles, it’s the most wonderful feeling! Everyone said it would melt my heart, and you guys were right.
So big!
His new favorite thing is playing “the running game,” when someone holds his feet and moves them back and forth as if he’s running, and his play gym. He still doesn’t like changing clothes, or taking his reflux medicine. 
But, we ran out of it the weekend before his appointment, and guess what – he didn’t seem any worse. Then to celebrate Brian’s race, I ate some buttermilk pancakes, and the next day he had a rough time. so (unfortunately for me) the milk elimination diet might be working! Or, it could be that he’s just growing out of it (which would be great, because I’m seriously craving chocolate, macaroni and cheese, and cupcakes. And don’t even talk about pizza, I might cry).
In other good news, my mystery hives seem to be finally going away. You know, I think all along they might have been stress-hives. It’s not like I haven’t had any of that in the last two months!
But it finally feels like we’re figuring out our “new normal,” as someone told us we would. There’s still times I feel at a loss as a mom, and there’s still mountains ahead to climb in the near future. But today, it’s nice to rest, and catch my breath. 
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