Scribbles from Emily is about making life beautiful, changing the world for the better, and celebrating everyday. That’s why I blog about craft tutorials, decor ideas, fair trade and ethical style, and spiritual encouragement. If
your blog, Etsy shop, non-profit, or small business offers beautiful things you’d like my
readers to discover, welcome!

What Makes Scribbles Special

Honestly, you could probably find a bigger blog with advertising for the same price. But Scribbles From Emily is my corner of the internet from which I seek to change the world, one person at a time. One way I accomplish this is by donating 20% of my profits from advertising rates and affiliates to charitable organizations, using Pure Charity.

The readership also makes Scribbles special: faithful readers fall in the age ranges of almost half 25-35, and half 35-45. When asked for their favorite topics, crafts, home decor, and style tied in popularity, but “inspiration to make a difference in the world” topped the list.

Scribbles’ Statistics

Recent data, from August 2013:

  • Reader, Google, and Bloglovin Followers: 297
  • Pinterest followers: 425
  • Facebook followers: 138
  • Twitter followers: 319
  • Month’s pageviews: 9,180
  • Unique visitors: 3,143
  • Average pageviews per day: 300
  • Bounce Rate: 83%


Sponsorship is available for blogs, Etsy shops, and small businesses on a monthly basis.


Giveaways are an effective way to expand your brand awareness and grow your blog followers, social media profiles, or email lists. If you believe your product is a good fit for my blog audience, you may have a giveaway without being a sponsor. Your giveaway will get its own blog post, mentions in each successive blog post until the giveaway ends, daily tweets, and frequent facebook posts.


If you’d like to see your product featured in a post, send it to me to review! This option is open to all: you do not need to be a sponsor. I just ask that you allow me to pick out the item to review; that way I can pick what fits best with my tastes and appeals to my audience. I prefer to write positive reviews, so if I can’t find something nice to say, I’d rather send the item back than write something negative.

Contact Me

Questions about the options above? Email me to discuss at emilyjconley(at)hotmail(dot)com!

I reserve the right to refuse a sponsor ad, giveaway, or promotion that I deem inappropriate. 

FTC Disclosure

Some of the items I mention and recommend on Scribbles From Emily are affiliate links, meaning that if you click on them and buy something, I will receive a commission on your purchase. Rest assured that it is well spent: my profits will be donated to a compassionate ministry of my choice. I will only recommend products that I like and that I believe you would also enjoy. Gifted and sponsored items are noted within content with “c/o” (courtesy of) or “provided by.”