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Scribbles From Emily is a lifestyle blog with a mission to empower women to live lives of more joy, beauty, and purpose. I believe that as we pursue these things, we will transform our world for the better.

We’ll do this in three ways:

  • Purposeful Living: pursuing simplicity, ethical, natural, and generous living for greater joy. 
  • Creativity and Style: practical DIY and decor to encourage confidence and pride in our style and homes.
  • Honest Stories: embracing our imperfections for greater connection and strength.

About Emily

Emily Conley

When I started blogging in 2009, I recorded my adventures on a mission trip to keep up with my family.  I discovered it could be so much more: a place to connect with people around the world, learn and grow, and find my voice. I love Jesus, and I’m continuing to learn and grow in my faith journey. I am a small-town girl, one of six home schooled kids, who married her best friend at the age of 19 and moved across the country to the Phoenix Valley a week after our honeymoon. In July 2015, Edison, our little man, joined us, and life was never the same!  

I graduated from Arizona State, and have undertaken a few endeavors into entrepreneur-ism with a marriage website, an embroidery and quilt pattern company, and a watercolor stationery shop, Bleu Feather Paper Co. I’ve worked as a social content editor and managed a creative services team, and now I work full-time as the editor for a non-profit’s quarterly magazine while freelance writing on the side (hire me on UpWork). Working for non-profits has confirmed what I’ve always known: each one of us holds the power to make a difference, and really change the world.

A few of my favorite things are writing, peace and quiet (I’m an INTJ) classical literature (and I include the Harry Potter books in that category!), decorating and remodeling our home, crafting, the ocean, the color blue,  painting, and coffee. Connect with me on Instagram where I share more of our adventures as a family, find the beauty in the everyday.

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“Every experience of beauty points to eternity.”
-Hans Urs Von Balthasar