Friday Finds

A few things I’m loving lately that I just had to share:

To Watch: Videos from the Evangelicals for Life conference

I had the privilege of attending the Evangelicals For Life (EFL) conference this year in Washington D.C., and I honestly wished that the speakers’ messages could be played in every church, all across the United States. I came away encouraged, challenged, convicted, and motivated.

Thankfully, you can have the experience of watching the speakers at this link!

I recommend:

  • Thursday – “Choosing Life,” a testimony by photographer Eric Brown of his family’s journey of suffering and joy with their daughter Pearl, who was born severely disabled.
  • Thursday – “Dignity in Disability” by Joni Erickson Tada. I’ve been  fan of hers since I was around eight, when I received a book by her. You’ll be challenged by her story and the work still to be done.
  • Friday – “The Gospel and the World’s Deep Brokenness: Global Compassion and Refugee Care” by Ann Voskamp. Probably my favorite of the entire conference, you’ll be moved and inspired by her speech.
  • Friday – “Testimony: Adoption” by Smooth Via – when a family wasn’t allowed to bring their adopted daughter from Africa to the U.S, they moved their family to her.

To Try: Facial Masks

When I travel, I try to treat myself to something spa-like, like painting my nails or nice lotion. Lately, I’ve started picking up a couple facial masks from Target and tucking them into my toiletries bag. For only a couple of dollars, the pleasure I get out of the experience is more than worth it! It really helps the time away from family go by more enjoyably. A couple I’m loving are these Que Bella masks (especially lavender) and Shea Moisture Coconut Milk Daily Mask.

To Eat: Toast

This is a bit weird, I know. But, we’ve had the same old, cheap, crappy plastic toaster since I was in college, and the thing was always falling apart. Then recently, it stopped working altogether, and we rejoiced, because now we could buy a new stainless steel one like we’d always wanted!

We bought this Hamilton Beach toaster, and it even has a special button for bagels! The one downside is that it doesn’t “ding” when the toast is done. It just hops up, very anti-climatically.

To get back to why it’s on my list of Friday Finds though – it’s inspired me to actually eat toast. I’ve found some decent gluten-free bread at our grocery store, and now I can have toast with peanut butter and honey for a snack, and toast with egg salad for lunch. I could even have toast with avocado for breakfast, or toast with cinnamon and sugar for dessert. What is it about heating the bread until it’s crunchy that makes it so much more delicious and satisfying than just plain bread? Something about the magic of toasting even makes me forget that my bread is gluten-free!

To Make: DIY Geode Bath Bombs

I found these bath bombs on Pinterest, and I MUST make some. How cool are they? They would make amazing gifts. Plus, think of all the uses you’d have for edible glitter.

Happy Friday! What are some things you’ve been loving lately? Share them below in the comments so I can check them out!

  • disqus_hrFDiSYyE1

    But you can’t have glitter! Brian would not be pleased…

    I’ve never found face masks relaxing…they itch.

    I’m jealous that you got to go to that conference!!! It must have been so amazing in person! <3

    • ScribblesFromEmily

      Since it’s edible glitter, I’m guessing it dissolves? Brian is learning to get over his fear of glitter, because I can’t not have some in my life 😊
      It’s not supposed to itch! You might have sensitive skin. You might need a moisturizing sheet mask or something like that.
      I’m really glad I got to go – still thinking about things I learned.

      Emily Conley