Make Your #BlackFriday Shopping Matter

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As you know, I’ve been on a minimalist journey for a few years. I remember feeling that urge to get swept up in the Black Friday fun. Because let’s be honest, shopping IS fun! But having a closet overflowing with junk I didn’t wear wasn’t. Knowing the true cost of cheap clothes on the people who make them wasn’t. Feeling trapped in a materialistic cycle where I never had enough to feel like I was enough was not worth it.

Shopping intentionally from ethical and fair trade brands takes a lot more time, and money. But I like not having that post-shopping guilt-hangover, having well-made investment pieces that last forever even though I reach for them over and over (like these @therootcollective boots!), a closet that makes a positive difference by taking care of people and investing in small businesses. And, a heart that is satisfied and FREE.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know from my Instagram stories that I love to window shop. The world is full of beauty and amazing creativity, and I love sharing it with you in the hopes that you feel inspired too.

In my Instagram stories yesterday and in this post, I’ve listed a few of my favorite places to vote with my dollars for a better world.

And if someone wants to pick up a few bath and body works candles for me on sale … I’m not mad.

Root Collective Espe boots fair trade consignment store jeans, root collective boots

Noonday Collection: This is your destination for beautiful jewelry, bags, and accessories, made by artisans around the world who are able to earn fair wages. Proceeds also fund adoptions! This weekend, they have sale items 60% off!

Everlane: Modern basics, with radical transparency. Everlane tells you exactly what each part of the garment making process cost. And they care greatly about the wellfare of their workers. On Black Friday, they set a goal of raising enough for free lunches for their factory workers who make their jeans in Vietnam.

These are investment pieces, classics that will last you for many years. I personally love the black heels I bought there – the chunky heel and height are perfect for this flat-lover.

The Root Collective: Handmade shoes that change lives. I LOVE all of their shoes, and I’m so glad I invested in the Espe boots. They are my absolute favorite. I wear them all the the time in the fall and winter, and I still get compliments on them almost every time. They are super versatile and comfortable. They have new wedges and boot styles that I also love. Use this link to get 15% off!

Amour Vert: This company is fairly new to me, and I have several items from them on my wishlist. I love that they have trendier pieces, not just basics or classics. They are “effortlessly sustainable” and made in the USA – perfect to support for #SmallBusinessSaturday.

Thred Up: I certainly can’t afford to buy all ethically made pieces for my closet. So, enter Thred Up – a giant online consignment store. Buying used items is a great sustainable practice, and since Thred Up has great brands like Anthropologie, Banana Republic, J Crew, Madewell, Boden, and more, your clothes will be high quality and last longer than your typical Target or Old Navy items (they do sell Old Navy too). I bought a black and white striped tee from Splendid and a gingham button up from Banana Republic (in photos above) at a huge discount.

If you don’t want to dig through racks at an actual thrift or consignment store, this is a great option. This weekend, you can get 15% off also.

Local Consignment: My jeans in the photo above are from a local consignment store, as are several other favorite items of mine. These stores are a great way of trying out trends without making a big investment, and having a high quality, expensive-looking wardrobe at a fraction of the price. Higher-end thrift and consignment stores are also typically more pleasant to shop in than your average thrift and consignment, but if you really love the thrill of the hunt, you can find great treasures there.

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How do you feel about Black Friday shopping? Where do you shop with a purpose? Leave your recommendations in the comments below!