8 Fall Trends To Add to Your Fall Capsule Wardrobe

8 Fall Trends to add to your capsule wardrobe

It’s already been a year since my capsule wardrobe experiment began! Just to recap,last fall, I decided to do another closet cleanse to get back on track and out of the mindless shopping rut. Although, not as quite as drastic as Fashion for Freedom. Capsule wardrobes are often around 30-40 pieces of clothing, 37 seems to be a very popular number. The idea is that you have a set of basic pieces that can mix and match, and then you rotate in 5-6 new pieces for different seasons.

Over the last year, I’ve changed out my capsule for each season, ranging from 30-40 pieces in my closet each month (not counting workout clothes, pajamas, etc.). For this fall, I knew I wanted to shop the clothes I’d packed away last year, but I also wanted to add some updates for this fall’s trends.

Here’s eight trends I wanted to incorporate into my capsule:

1. Pink

fashion, adidas, and outfit image MorePink moto jacket and jeans, casual spring or fall outfitFall Colors-9:: Outfit :: Top :: Marni Bottom :: Current/Elliott Accessories :: Paula Bianco scarf Bag :: Proenza Schouler Shoes :: Boots thanks to DVF!

Source 1: Pinterest,  Source 2: Stitch Fix, Source 3: Wendy’s Lookbook

I’m LOVING pink for fall. It’s usually such a spring thing, but I love the ballet slipper shade with olive green. That’s why pink works well for a capsule wardrobe – you could wear it in the spring with other pastels, summer with white, and fall paired with olive green or deep purple.

I’m also loving the idea of a chunky, loose sweater, like the one above in the first photo, soft pink shoes, or a pink leather jacket to mix things up. Here’s a few ideas:

2. Sleeve Details

Spring 2017 Trend Report | Stitch Fix

Casual Victorian – http://tsangtastic.com | Instagram @tsangtastic CAROLINE CONSTAS Jacqueline Blouse, cuff boyfriend jeans, COLIAC LEATHER PIERCING SHOES, LOUIS VUITTON Vaneau Epi leather bagImage 2 of SHIRT WITH PUFFED SLEEVES from Zara

Source 1: Stitch Fix, Source 2: Tsangtastic, Source 3: Zara

Bell sleeves, Victorian sleeves, ruffled sleeves – there’s been an explosion of creativity with sleeves. I’m particularly excited about flutter sleeves or bell sleeves, because I remember when those were cool back in the early 2000’s! Remember how much Anne of Anne of Green Gables wanted puffed sleeves? That was me as a teen and flared sleeves! There’s something so romantic and elegant about how they flutter – even if they’re not “practical,” as Marilla Cuthbert would say.

Your capsule wardrobe should be mainly classics, but adding in a fun trendy piece keeps it from feeling too restrictive. Here’s a few of my picks:

3. Preppy Layering

Stay stylish & warm in a cable knit sweater layered over a classic plaid shirt. Add a statement necklace with some sparkle to top off the look. It looks great paired with jeans for a more casual look as well as dressed up with a pencil skirt.

Source: Not original

Layering is a fall staple, and plaid is a fall classic, but I’m particularly loving the combo of preppy layering of a collared shirt under a sweater, finished off with a statement necklace. This is great for a capsule wardrobe, since it combines two pieces that can stand on their own to create a third look.

4. Ochre Sweater

Vicki listens to any music, but she loves putting on records she and her dad can sing away to togetherwrapped in mustardBanana Republic | Ruffle Pullover Sweater

Photo 1: Urban Outfitters, Photo 2: The Budget Babe, Photo 3: Banana Republic

Over-sized ochre or mustard sweaters are really having a moment – I’m seeing them all over Instagram and Pinterest. Probably because they’re so quintessentially fall, this color in a chunky knit embodies all of our autumnal dreams.

That sweater from Banana Republic also incorporates the sleeve detail trend – so it’s two trends for one. I’m definitely bringing back my mustard Target cardigan to my capsule for this fall.

5. Stylish Sneakers

A casual fall outfit perfect for moms styling chic sneakers
Athleisure Rose Gold Tennis — Megan Kristine Blog
I honestly almost called them “trainers,” like the British do, because I’ve been watching the Harry Potter movies (another fall staple!). Casual shoes have been popular in the last year, but I’m not a big fan of the look of sneakers paired with a suit or long skirt. I can get behind cropped pants and casual dresses though, and of course, jeans and leggings.
A few favorites:

6. Colorful Over-sized Coats

#fall #outfits Red Coat // White V-neck Sheer Blouse // Jeans // Black Leather Bootiesamo todo el outfit.
Pop Rocky
Stella McCartney Knit Blanket Sweater Coat
Of course, where I live, I won’t need a coat for a few more months, so I’m a bit jealous of you who live in colder climates. I love the gray, camel, pink, and plumb shades of over-sized coats this fall, and there’s styles to flatter all shapes, from belted trench coats, pea coats, open front coats, blanket coats, and classic wool coats.
I’ll definitely add my plumb pea coat to my capsule for winter, and I might add a wide plaid scarf that could double as a blanket coat.

8. Beige Lipstick

I never thought I would go for the nude or beige make up, but I got a tiny tube of Tarte lipstick in “Birthday Suit” from Sephora as part of their free birthday gift and I’m really hoping it will last me all fall. This color goes with almost everything, it looks super matte, and has just enough pink.
Capsule wardrobes are about high-quality, classic pieces, but incorporating a few of these fall trends will breath some new life into my capsule. Armed with this list of inspiration, I’m ready to tackle mine. Once my capsule is assembled, I’ll show you what made the cut.
What fall trends would you try?