5 Friday Finds: Getting Cozy

stripe shirt, fall candles, fake cactus, nail polish

Today, I’ve been on a self-imposed bed rest as I recover from a second oral surgery ( braces are the worst! ) which gave me time to put together a list of some things I’m loving right now, but not including naps, ice packs, and dairy free ice cream, all of which are on my personal list! Cozy finds:

1. Rose Gold Nail Polish

I treated myself to this for my birthday. It took me half an hour of pacing the nail polish section in Target comparing brands and shades, but the Orly one in “Rage” won out in the end. I like that it’s not a chunky glitter, and has more pink than bronzey undertones. Used with a base coat and topcoat, it easily lasts for over a week.

2. H&M Striped Tee

As I cleaned out my closet and started putting together my fall capsule wardrobe, I realized the reason I struggled so much with feeling like I have nothing to wear. I didn’t have many basics – the classic, neutral pieces that act as a bridge, connecting all the other pieces.

To remedy this, I used my 15% off coupon for donating clothes at H&M to fill in some holes. I bought this short sleeved white and black stripe tee and it’s so soft, stretchy, and classic that I could wear it every day! It’s no longer available online, but here’s one that might be similar.

I also bought a gray tee that’s a bit more flowy fitting, as well as a dark purple one – an on-trend color for this fall.

3. Meal Prepping

Why haven’t I done this sooner? About a month ago, I started creating the habit of meal prepping each week. I start each Saturday by making a meal plan and ordering our groceries online. We use Clicklist, but I know more Walmarts and Costcos are offering this as an option.

Then, on Sunday afternoon, I throw a bunch of brown rice in the crock pot, or cook some sweet potatoes, or chop vegetables. Basically, I look through the meal plan and see what I could prep ahead of time.

Then I pack up five Tupperware containers with food to take to work. I can make 5 salads with different toppings, or just have a sweet potato with black beans, salsa, and avocado.

This has saved me so much time during the week, kept me from eating out as much, and made mornings less stressful!

4. TJ Maxx

This week might have been the first time ever I’ve been to TJ Maxx! I was inspired by watching a “shop with me” for fall decor video I stumbled across on YouTube, and I realized there was a tiny one next door to my Target.

With the excuse of getting something for a care package to send to my family in Iowa after they had a hard week, I took my lunch break on Tuesday to check it out.

I also figured out Instagram Stories a bit, so I made some “shop with me” stories of cool stuff I saw. There’s definitely lots of things that you don’t know you need until you see them. I avoided the clothes entirely and just scouted the home stuff for fall candles and decor, and new office chairs. I’m pretty sure this is the one:

These might actually work:

Wouldn’t this look great at the end of our bed?

I bought the little fake cactus for $2.50!

5. Fall Candles

TJ Maxx candles

Everyone’s favorite part of fall – the candles! Especially since in Phoenix, we don’t get to enjoy months of crisp air, the scent of crisp leaves, and fresh pine needles, candles are all we got.

I did put together a fantastic care package (if I do say so myself!) but I also treated myself to two new candles from TJ Maxx. I’ve always been partial to Bath & Body Works candles, but I have to say, the gorgeous packaging of these, for only $5 each on average, won me over. This candle in “white pumpkin” looks gorgeous and fills the house with a cozy pumpkin spice scent. I also picked it for its rose gold lid! This smaller “vanilla cream” rose gold candle has a wood lid and smells delicious – like dessert for your nose.

Maybe that’s gross – you get the picture.

Here’s some similar candles on my wishlist:

Well friends, that what I’m loving this week.

My heart goes out to the displaced and those dealing with the hurricane destruction in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida,  as well as the forest fires in California. My prayers are with you!

Our church has taken two volunteer teams to Texas to help, and for those reading that don’t know how to help – please consider donating to a reputable charity. They’re going to need actual cash to rebuild, for a long time. I used to feel bad that all I could really do was give money to a cause – but now I know giving is something God has enabled me to do, and it does make me part of the solution. And it’s almost always needed!

Thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!