DIY Bike Rack

An alternate title for this post: I’m Such a Cool Wife. 

Why? I let my husband put a bike rack in our living room. 

Not only that, but I kind of designed it. 

My husband is becoming a serious cycler, with triathlon visions dancing in his head. Storing his bike, bike shoes, bike helmet, bike cleaning supplies, tire pump, and all the other biking accessories on the patio was out of the question. Instead, their home was on and around a bookshelf in our living room, mingling with the books, spilling onto the floor – where it was always in my way.

In a one bedroom apartment, we didn’t have many options.

So I proposed a solution – hang the bike. On the wall. 

We moved the bookshelf from this wall to another corner of the living room, so we had the space free.

Brian had the idea of using closet bar brackets, I had the idea of adding a shelf with baskets to hold all the accessories. 

You’ll need:

  • Two closet bar brackets. You can find these at home improvement stores, with the closet organizing stuff. 
  • Drywall anchors.
  • A shelf
  • Baskets
It’s pretty self-explanatory – measure your bike, and mount the brackets at the right distance and height. Top with the shelf and baskets.

Enjoy your cool wife status. 

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Beauty Find Friday: Cozy

1. This candle. It’s from Williams-Sonoma, and I got it on sale. Best $5 ever spent. It has a “clean scent of pine with cedar wood, cinnamon, patchouli, thyme and citrus.” The apartment smells like a forest, and I love it. 

2. Speaking of the apartment, I’m also loving that we moved some furniture around! Saturday, we moved a bookshelf from a different wall to the corner shown above, and it makes me happy everytime I look at it. Never mind that antenna cord stretching to the top shelf.

3. These mugs. Seriously, I love them all. Here’s two I really want/need.

3. Sleepytime tea. Delicious and soothing.
4. The fact that my hair is actually long enough for a decent braid.
5. The Autobiography of Jane Eyre. I don’t really watch TV, so webseries based on classic novels is as close as it gets. I’m not crazy about the guy playing Rochester, but Jane is incredible!
Now, I’ll just light my candle, sit on the couch in my book-lined apartment, sip some sleepytime tea from a cute mug, and watch some Jane Eyre. 
What are you loving at the moment? Share your beauty-finds from the week in the comments!

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DIY Dining Room Chairs Re-Covering Project

At long last. It feels so good to cross “recover dining room chairs” off my list! Once I had everything I needed and a couple spare afternoons, it really wasn’t a big project. Here’s the best picture I could find of the “before”:

Although, I don’t have a picture from “before” this “before.” When we bought our dining room set, some of the chairs were painted black, some were sanded but not painted, and some were in their original condition. Most of the seat cushions weren’t attached. About a year ago, we finished painting them all black. It took me this long to come up with fabric I liked.
Thanks to Wholeport, I used this thick home decor fabric with a slightly French Country/Scandinavian feel. This was pretty straightforward, but here’s how we did it step by step:
You’ll need: 
  • Enough fabric to cover your chairs (Here’s mine)
  • A staple gun
  • Staples
  • Scotchguard fabric protectant spray
First, remove the existing fabric. Then use this piece as a pattern to cut out the fabric for the rest of your chairs. 

Wrap the cushion and staple on the back. Make sure that when you pull the fabric tight, you keep the pattern straight, and aren’t pulling it skewed. 
Staple one side down, then move to the opposite side, pulling it tight. You’ll find that your fabric won’t get stretched out of alignment if you start with opposite sides first. Don’t skimp on the staples!


Since my fabric has a lot of white, I didn’t want the first time we ate spaghetti to be the ruin of them. So, I treated all of the cushions with two coats of Scotchguard spray. It smells like death at first, but it dries quickly, and doesn’t leave any smell.
Make sure to follow the directions on the can. Although, I confess, I didn’t. I checked to see if the fabric was color safe, and it wasn’t. When the Scotchguard was wet, the color ran. When it was dry, it ran a little. When I poured water on a section of the fabric without Scotchguard, it still ran. So I used the Scotchguard anyway. 
In retrospect, it might be a good idea to wash your fabric before stapling it over your cushions. 

After the Scotchguard dries, re-attach your cushions. 

Have a seat!

Have you ever recovered furniture? What projects have you been happy to cross off your list? Share it with us in the comments below!

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A Brave New Year

Buy it from Watersounds on Etsy

While riding in the car for 45 hours during our road trip to Iowa for Christmas, I had ample time to reflect on 2013 and make some goals for the new year. Honestly, 2013 was such a blur. From January to December, so much changed. 

I learned a goal setting technique some time ago that radically changed the way I make New Years Resolutions. Instead of setting goals for the entire year in January, I make a list of ten goals for the year, but re-write it every week. If something happens that requires my priorities to change, there’s no guilt. I found that I accomplish much more than when I wasn’t able to take unforeseen circumstances into account. 
Last year, I …
  1. Actually made money from my blog
  2. Started a small business
  3. Reached my goal weight
  4. Got more involved with managing our finances
  5. Trained for and ran a 5k
  6. Was published in a magazine
  7. Finished my quilt
  8. Finished my wedding scrapbook
  9. Started an Etsy shop
  10. Redesigned Scribbles from Emily
  11. Made art
  12. Guest posted on 3 blogs
  13. Quit Target
  14. Curated my wardrobe to 100 items
  15. Paid off a school loan
  16. Guest posted on 2 more blogs
  17. Applied for 20ish jobs
  18. Traveled (California, Oregon, Iowa)
  19. Got better at driving
  20. Made two new friends
  21. Maintained goal weight all year
  22. Did an internship
  23. Got a full time job
This year, I hope to accomplish at least these, some of which carried over from last year: 
  1. Run a faster 5k (February). My first was 45 ish minutes, so I’d like to do better this time!
  2. Pay off school loans. With my full-time job, we could potentially be out of debt this year!
  3. Get a bigger bed, bedroom furniture. Much needed. Can’t handle sleeping in a full sized bed much longer.
  4. Read 12 books. Approximately one a month, so if I read the Harry Potter series again, that takes care of seven. 
  5.  Blog 52 posts on scribbles from Emily. Aiming for once a week.
  6.  Build a professional wardrobe. Also much needed! 
  7.  Re-decorate house. A goal from last year, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not very good at interior design. I’d like to learn some new skills in this area.
  8.  Finish embroidery pillows. I started these ages ago, and can’t wait to finish them.
  9.  Learn to golf. It looks like a fun sport, that I could actually get good at.
  10.  Take a writing class. Since I’m a writer now, I’d like to work on my technique and learn some things that can help my career. Plus, it’d just be fun.
Last year, my theme was Confidence. This year, my theme is Brave. 
It’s similar, but difference. Brave is doing the right thing, even when you don’t feel confident. It’s doing what you need to do, even when you’re still afraid. It’s saying what you need to say, knowing that not everyone will like it. Brave is pushing for what you believe in, standing up for the right, and being yourself instead of fitting in. Sometimes, being selfless is brave.
I think I was inspired by this song, that I’m kind of obsessed with right now. 

I like choosing songs for different seasons of my life, and this is mine right now. I was also a little influenced by reading Divergent. 

The verdict is still out on where I’d rank this book in comparison to the Hunger Games and other dystopian literature, or young adult literature.

Regardless, I plan to accomplish something brave this year.

What about you? What are you excited about for 2014? 

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