Beauty Find Friday: Gallery Wall Inspiration


A Beautiful Mess

I don’t know if it’s the anticipation of fall, or a delayed spring cleaning reflex, but I’ve been in a home decor-y mood lately. I showed you my inspiration for my ideal bedroom, and for this week’s Beauty Find Friday, I want to talk about gallery walls.

A gallery wall is a large arrangement of photos, art, or objects. Sometimes, gallery walls have a theme, style, or color scheme.

Smile and Wave
Sometimes they have matching frames, sometimes they don’t have any frames, or a mix of frames.
San Francisco Girl By Bay
Sometimes the arrangement is simple.
Farm House Urban
Sometimes, it’s complex.
Jennifer Johner
You could have a gallery wall in a hallway, like above, or in an office.
Or in a bedroom.
Better Homes and Gardens
Or even in a bathroom.
Hanging your art, photos, etc. can be tricky. While I’ve slowly worked on my own gallery wall, I’ve enjoyed these posts:
If you have a gallery wall, how was the process of putting it together? If you don’t have one, is this something you think you might try at some point?


Update: I finally created my own small, but growing gallery walls (Living Room¬†and Nursery)! If you’re collecting art for your own, Etsy and Society6 are my favorite places to start, but I’ve also framed pages from catalogs, free prints I found on Pinterest, and lots of flea market finds. Here’s some of the art I heart.

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