DIY: Easy Watercolor Art

In high school, I received a set of watercolors, watercolor paper, and an instructional watercolor book as a gift. I was thrilled, but I never even opened the watercolors or put paint to the paper. I was afraid of wasting them, and I wanted to get better at painting before I used them. I pulled out that set of unopened watercolors a few weeks ago, and saw that the price tag was still attached. $6.99. I was afraid of “wasting”a cheap $7 set of watercolors!

Well, I’ve put them to use since then. Here’s one quick project I made yesterday, inspired by this easy artwork from A Beautiful Mess. It’s a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, plus you’ll have a personalized piece of artwork for your walls.

You will need:

  • Watercolors
  • A small paintbrush
  • Watercolor paper (you can use sketch book paper, but it will get all bubbled up)
  • Lyrics or poetry
  • Picture frame to

Lightly pencil in the lyrics or words, just so you make sure they’ll all fit on the paper. Then, paint away! I kept it simple and painted in my own handwriting, nothing too fancy. 
I chose a verse from one of my favorite old hymns, “It is Well.” 
I used blue paint, and purposefully allowed the color to go on unevenly. I think it gives a watery, tear stained effect and fits with the “river” and “ocean” in the lyrics. 

I embellished the corner with a simple anchor. Then I trimmed the edges to fit in my frame, and put it on display by my desk! I need the reminder that God is control and is working all things for my ultimate good. 
I also painted a bunch of leafy and flowery wreaths. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll use them for, but I think they could be incorporated into some neat wedding invitations or stationary designs!
I’ll let you know when those are added to the Watercolor Collection in the shoppe.
Happy painting!