Beauty Find Friday: Winter Wonderland

“IS THAT SNOW???” Brian stared fixedly out the window. It did indeed appear that flurries of snowflakes were falling outside our apartment yesterday, but before we got too excited, we remembered that it was 70 degrees out and snow would be impossible. We decided it was just dust stirred up by the landscapers. Sad day.

For today’s Beauty Find Friday, we can’t get more “every day” than the weather! But when you live in Arizona after growing up in the Midwest, you really do appreciate a white Christmas. Now, as Brian put it, “We just have tan Christmases.”

So let’s take a moment to marvel at the every day beauty of snow, the unique way that moisture and cold air form delicate bits of lace that when combined, create a thick white blanket.

Does it snow where you live? Take some time today to appreciate the beauty of it!