5 Ways to Add Nature to Your Fall Decor

Bonfires, fragrant pine forests, and leaves crackling underfoot all come to mind this time of year. Why not bring the outdoors inside through your fall decor? Here’s five ways to add cozy cabin-in-the-woods touches to your decor.

1. Branch Out

These tree branch coat hooks, shelves, and closet bars are great for all year!

Make these coat hooks yourself, or buy some similar ones on Etsy. 

I tried this with some tree branches I found, but unfortunately my branch wasn’t a good shape and I couldn’t get it to stay on the wall. I recommend picking your branches carefully, and either glue them to the wall or use some sort of brackets.

For a more elegant take on the branch, paint it white!

2. Leaf it Be

Wrap a leaf, either real or fabric, around a candle and tie with raffia, yarn, twine, or attach with dots of glue.

Make a leafy wreath by attaching leaves to a wood or cardboard letter and hanging with ribbon.

Or, thread leaves together for a leafy garland.

If you’re worried about children or pets pulling off the leaves and possibly eating them, you might like a scrapbook paper or felt leaf garland better.

For easy art, display single pressed leaves behind glass.

Source: bhg.com via Emily on Pinterest

3. Pine Away

Incorporate pinecones for a woodsy element. Cinnamon scented cones are widely available, I’ve seen them at grocery stores, Home Depot, and craft stores this year.

Use them for place cards for Thanksgiving dinner.

Jazz them up with spray paint for a colorful display.

Source: squidoo.com via Emily on Pinterest
Combined with branches and a tall hurricane glass, pinecones make excellent filler. 

4. Logger Style

If you have a large blank wall, or you’re just craving a log cabin escape, this is just what you need: 
Try making one yourself to fit your space, or buy this one on Etsy for $175. 
These would be great for short stools, foot rests, or end tables. 
I really like this one from Joss and Main: 

5. Go Green

Touches of greenery bring freshness and life to your space. Here’s a great DIY for displaying plants in limited space. 
Plumed Nest recently did a tutorial for this living greenery wreath. 
This week, I’ll show you how I’ve incorporated these tips in my own decor. 

What do you think of adding natural touches to your fall decor? Add your woodsy decor ideas in the comments, I’d love to hear them!