The Fair Trade Difference

What if the coffee you drink, the sugar you buy, and the clothes you wear created schools, clean water, and a better life for someone else?

I don’t think it was a coincidence that I chose October for this blog series! I didn’t know at the time that it happend to be fair trade month, but I’ve found some great articles and resources as a result, like this video, that explains what it means to be fair trade certified:

Fair Trade USA estimates that the number of people in developing countries who are benefiting from the fair trade products sold world wide is about 5 MILLION.

5,000,000 people who are no longer part of this statistic:

Buying fair trade matters. As more and more of us choose fair trade, companies will get the message: 

 “If a business cannot afford to be ethical, then they cannot afford to be in business.” – Neil Kearney, former President of the International Garment and Leather Workers Federation

This week when you do your regular grocery shopping, choose fair trade whenever possible. A small choice to us means the world to 5 million people.  

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