Inside Out Christmas

By Debora M. Coty
My veterinarian friend, Dr. Katie, tells the story about the
December when a woman brought a very sick black lab into her clinic. The dog
was only ten months old, so she was really just a big puppy, but she’d been
vomiting incessantly and her worried owner didn’t know what was wrong.
“Why don’t you go on home?” Dr. Katie told the owner. “I’ll
need to run tests for about four hours. We’ll give you a call when we’re
Dr. Katie’s assistant took x-rays and hung them on the light
panel for Dr. Katie to examine. Hmm. Something looked a little peculiar. Dr.
Katie called her assistant over.
“Is it just me, or does that look like a … a camel to you?”
she asked incredulously.
“Matter of fact, it does,” replied the astute assistant.
“And look, there’s an angel here, a shepherd there, and down there in the
colon, it’s Baby Jesus!”
At that moment the phone rang. It was the dog’s distraught
owner. “I can’t believe this! I just got home and glanced at the coffee table
where I put my manger scene yesterday. There’s nothing there but an empty
As I thought about this quite literal technique for
internalizing the true meaning of Christmas, it occurred to me that sometimes I
have the opposite problem. With all the bustling busyness, my inner joy in
celebration of my savior’s birth never really makes it to the outside.
Oh, I have plenty of glittery, festive evidences of the
holiday in decorations, baking galore, and gifts under my tree. But those
things are for show. They’re merely the pretty wrappings, not the gift
Can people really see the core-deep joy that radiates within
me when I think of the true gift that Papa God sent the world in his son,
Jesus? Is my immeasurable gratitude for eternal life evident as I dash through
this hectic season?
I’m afraid all too often, the answer is no.
I’m just too preoccupied to allow my outside to reflect my
inside so that nonbelievers recognize that I rejoice because of the hope that
is within me. My joy is obscured by the mounds of clutter. Gratefulness is
sucked out of my soul by the vacuum called urgency.
“But let the godly rejoice. Let them be glad in God’s
presence. Let them be filled with joy” (Psalm 68:3, NLT).
This verse has become my prayer this Christmas season – that
I would make the time to give priority to rejoicing, being glad in God’s
presence, and letting my inner joy show for those who may be silently desperate
to know the giver of true joy.
Yep, there’s a better way to internalize
the gift of Christmas than the black lab technique. We can lodge the Little
Lord Jesus in our hearts rather than our colons.


Debora M. Coty is a humorist,
inspirational speaker, and award-winning author of twelve books, including Too
Blessed to be Stressed, and coming in March, More Beauty, Less Beast:
Transforming Your Inner Ogre. Debora would love to swap Christmas hugs with you

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