Where to Find Good Fashion Advice

As some of you may know, Blogger had some serious issues yesterday, leaving many of us without our most recent posts. As a result, the post I had in draft for today has disappeared, and it’s going to take me a little while to re-write it. Talk about frustrating! So, for today I’m taking a quick detour back to our Fashion 101 series, just to share some great resources with you.

Fashion 101

Great Posts to Read: 

Great Sites:
  • Already Pretty– Sally shares wonderful advice and helpful pictures for modest, do-able outfits, while also focusing on maintaining healthy self-esteem and body-image. 
  • Haute Lunch -You’ve already met Tara, so check out her blog for product reviews, ratings, weekly sales and deals information, trends, and fabulous giveaways.
  • The Pleated PoppyWhat I Wore Wednesdays. Every Wednesday Lindsey has a link up for what I wore posts. You take pictures of your outfits every day for a week, and blog about them every Wednesday. It’s so inspiring to see what everyone else is wearing, and it gives you great accountability! Lindsey says she started it just for that reason, since she has her own business, she makes an effort to get out of sweats and comfy oversized sweaters every day. 
  • BonBon Rose Girls– these fun ladies write about trends, have lots of giveaways, share great advice, DIY projects and frugal fashion ideas. 
  • What I wore– Jessica Quirk has been documenting her life through daily outfits since May 2007. Her style is ADORABLE. Plus, she has lots of DIY’s and how-tos, plus she’s written a fashion “cookbook” full of recipes for a fabulous wardrobe!

Where do you find fashion advice? Friends, family, websites, magazines? What’s your favorite source?

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