How to Find Your Style Personality

Welcome to Fashion 101! This week one of you lucky ladies will win a lovely accessory, courtesy of Handmade and Lovely. More about that at the end of today’s lesson!

I don’t usually think about my clothes as having personality. I just buy what I feel like in the moment,  or what I like or need, or deals too good to pass up. Maybe you’re like me. If you are, you don’t often consider that your clothes are talking about you, much louder than you words are, to everyone within  earshot eyesight!

Your clothes are an expression of yourself. They should express your personality, your tastes, and even your priorities. You can tell a lot about someone based on what they wear, and I don’t mean just what their favorite color is or what they ate for lunch.

There’s even some “science” backing up why people gravitate towards certain clothes. Studies show that certain personality and character traits tend to like similar colors, patterns, textures, and styles.

There are roughly six different clothing personality types. Sometimes they’re called other names, and sometimes there are only five listed, but I think this covers the bases best. They are Classic, Dramatic, Romantic, Ingénue, Natural, and Gamine.

Note: you might not fit perfectly in one category. In fact, you probably won’t. You are a unique and multi-faceted being! Read through the following descriptions and notice the images. What fits you best?




  • You are looked up to as an “ideal lady.”
  • You choose quality over quantity.
  • You are responsible and mature for your age.
  • You are very organized, and wise with your money.
  • Generally, you are calm and outwardly composed.
  • You appreciate clever humor and wittiness.
  • You have a small wardrobe filled with only what you love and need, such as one classic purse that you take everywhere.
  • Your closet isn’t cluttered with things you never wear; you keep it pared down to versatile pieces that mix and match well.
  • Your look is simple but elegant.
  • You wear structured pieces well, such as blazers, pencil skirts, and
  • Your accessories are fashionable and refined, but never over the top.
  • You like fine, durable fabrics such as linen and soft leather.
Examples of Classics: Audry Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Kristen Bell




  • You always have drama in your life, it seems to follow you!
  • You love a good time, and need lots of attention.
  • You’re ambitious and a dreamer, sensitive, and melodramatic.
  • You like to be in control.
  • You are fun to be around and friendly, but really a private person.
  • You’re a risk taker, and love to make a statement with your outfits.
  • You shop like it’s your job, or therapy!
  • You usually go for the latest trends.
  • You wear a variety of colors, but especially love dark purples, reds, and black.
  • You’re great at accessorizing, and you usually choose chunky pieces.
  • You enjoy bold patterns and luxurious fabrics.
  • Your closet is full of stunning high heels and dramatic boots.
Examples of Dramatics: Madonna, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson




  • You’re feminine, charming, and passionate.
  • You’re sympathetic, compassionate, and loyal.
  • You take any occasion as a reason to dress up, especially in dresses and skirts with high heels!
  • Nothing says “Love” to you like a surprise bouquet of red roses.
  • Ravishing reds, purples, pinks, and floral patterns are your favorites.
  • You love detailed pieces with ruffles and lace.
  • Texture is important to you, so you wear fabrics that are velvety, silky, furry, soft, or luxurious.
  • You love diamonds, pearls, and dainty but dramatic jewelry.
  • You wear your hair long and curly, or up and elegant, usually with dramatic eye makeup.
Examples of Romantics: Sophia Loren, Emmy Rossum





  • You are the epitome of a girly girl!
  • Sweet, youthful, pretty, innocent, and dainty describe you well.
  • You love art and music, and a good book.
  • You’re a dreamer, alluring, and curious.
  • You love retro and historic things.


  • Pink, dainty florals, sheer fabrics, and pearls are staples in your wardrobe.
  • You love pastels and patterns.
  • Lightweight fabrics and flowy tops are your favorites, and you combine them with oversized cable knit sweaters and wide belts.
  • You wear a lot of skirts and dresses.
  • Modcloth and Anthropologie are some of your favorite stores.
  • Your accessories are unique and eye-catching, and you love bows, cameos, and ribbons.
  • You have your hair long, or cut short in a pixie style.

Examples of Ingénues: Carey Mulligan, Zoey Deschanel, Taylor Swift




  • You are a sporty, low-maintenance gal.
  • You’re strong, with angular features
  • You make a great friend, team member, and are very loyal.
  • You’re a hard worker, but like to kick back and relax too.
  • Materialistic things aren’t a high priority for you, you care much more about people!
  • You’re hesitant to try new trends; you prefer to stay in your comfort zone.
  • You need comfortable clothes, so you like cottons, denim, and low maintenance knit fabrics. No dry-cleaning or ironing please!
  • You have a few staples: handbag, belt, shoes, that you wear with everything.
  • You don’t wear jewelry often, and keep your hair and makeup simple.
  • Good fabrics for you include cotton, linen, tweed, denim, and wool.

Examples of Naturals: Amy Grant, Lauren Conrad



  • The party starts when you arrive!
  • You’re loud, optimistic, and confident.
  • You’re spunky and energetic.
  • You love fun, and need people.
  • Sometimes you speak before you think, and your bold attitude can get you into trouble!
  • You love bright colors and bold patterns.
  • You wear lots of accessories, and favor chunky, statement jewelry.
  • You love funky, eye catching pieces.
  • Dramatic haircuts and colors are ideal.
  • You don’t just follow the trends, you set them!
Examples: Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham


As you’ve read through the different style personalities, did you find some that fit? My tastes fit with the Romantic and Classic, but I tend to dress Natural.

One style isn’t better than another. It’s all about what fits you best. But if you’re fashionably challenged, this could be at the root of your problem: you love one style but you’re dressing another, or mixing all of them, and most of what you wear just doesn’t fit your personality.

Your Fashion 101 homework for this week is to create a collage on similar to the ones above, featuring YOUR style personality! Polyvore is easy to use, and tons of fun! You will have to create an account to make the collages, but it’s super easy and quick. Consider your style personality, what you would like it to be, and pick clothing and accessories accordingly. You have all week to complete it and post it on facebook. Have fun with this!

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