What’s Your Love Language?

Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, “The Five Love Languages, The Secret To Love That Lasts,” is truly a wonderful resource, and I highly recommend reading it. But, if you’re short on time, just take the quiz! This quiz shows you two statements and asks you to choose which you feel more strongly about.

It’s kinda hard! I felt strongly about almost all of them! So I took it twice. The first time I got “quality time” as my top language and “words of affirmation” as a close second, and the second time those two flipped around.

I really like that the quiz doesn’t just end there, it explains your language and gives examples of what makes you feel loved and what makes you feel unloved. It goes on to offer suggestions for using your love language.
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You can take the quiz here. You’ll see there is a quiz for wives, husbands, singles, parents of teens and parents of younger kids. Pick whichever applies to you best!

If you do, come back and let me know what you got! Was it accurate? 

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  • Awesome book! I loved it. Well worth reading 🙂
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  • I got words of affirmation and quality time (same score for both). I've always known quality time was a big one for me, but I kind of go back and forth between words of affirmation and gifts. I do like presents! But the way they are presented (no pun intended) in the quiz makes it seem like you must cherish every little gift, and I don't think I do. I just like getting stuff! Lol!

  • Right on! I read this as a newlywed and it was good food for thought.

    My man and I would laugh as I washed dishes and he told me how great I was. Realizing that I was loving him how I wanted to be loved and he was loving me how he wanted to be loved was pretty funny. I said, "Hey, this is backwards! You wash the dishes for me and I'll tell you how great you are!"

  • I agree- great book! I got words of affirmation and physical touch…this was when I was in highschool. However, I am realizing that quality time is a BIG thing for me. Also, I don't believe that people have just one gift, everyone I know who's taken the test has at least two.

  • Thanks for this link. I can't wait to have everyone in my house take it. I love your sweet blog…found it on 'boost my blog' today and am now following you. Thank you for this sweet post!

  • Kim

    I've read this book and recommend it to EVERYONE! It's so awesome! Thanks for posting about it Emily.

  • Words of affirmation & quality time topped my list.

    That was kind of fun, but I had trouble choosing between several of the pairs because in come cases, neither was really the clear winner.

  • Hey! I took the quiz and I got words of Affirmation. It's very accurate for me. I'm all about words and less about physical touch (which was my lowest score). It was interesting to see that although I am single I know that I need a man to encourage me and to keep my spirits high instead of a guy always wanting to be by my side 🙂
    Thanks for the Link!

  • hey….
    I got words of affirmation and quality time (same score for both). I've always known quality time was a big one for me, but I kind of go back and forth between words of affirmation and gifts.

  • i just mentioned "love languages" at my speech last thursday =D

    my love language is physical touch and i'm not surprised to know that my husband's is the same. =D

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  • Nathan Gast

    I agree! This is a great book, but we must be very careful in our approach towards it. It can be very easy for a couple to look at the book, find their "love language" and use it to "better" their relationship. The problem is, that their relationship turns into a, "You speak my language and I will speak yours." For example if my language was affirmation and my wife was help. I would do everything for her, in an attempt to get her to speak my language in return. Certainly it can make our relationships easier, but we fail to see the real motive that ought to be in our relationships. Husbands love your wives – because God said so. Wives submit yourselves to your husbands – because God said so. lol. Not because I spoke my spouses language so she will speak mine. 🙂 Get my drift?

  • You're so right Nathan!

    Focusing too much on filling each other's love tanks can lead to the trap of only loving if we're being loved. It's something we have to watch out for and recognize it as sinful when it creeps into our thinking. Thanks for pointing that out!