My Christmas Wreath

Welcome to my home…

I put this together a few Saturdays ago, using all things I bought at Michael’s on sale.

I wove the ribbon through the wreath in “S” shapes. Then I tore apart the red berry stem and twisted two or three together around the piney fronds. 

I added the picks with the bird at one end and the nest at the other, and I tucked in the glittery holly. Actually, I didn’t have to use my hot glue gun at all, I was able to tuck everything into the wreath or wrap it around something. 

This picture is sideways, for some reason. But you can see how I tried to balance the picks without being too symmetrical, or adding too much stuff. I ended up with several picks left over. 

I love the tinges of snow, it makes me very excited to be going home for Christmas soon!

The bow is separate from the rest of the ribbon, actually, the bow is one ribbon and the loop attaching it to the wreath is another, because I cut it too short the first time. 
I love decorating for Christmas, and I’ll have a few more crafts to share with you next week! 
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  • It is so festive! Great job 🙂 Thanks for linking it up!!!

  • That is so beautiful! A job well done. Home made always is the best! I'm looking forward to your next crafts.
    ps – thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Much love to you.

  • Looks so pretty – I love homes with wreaths on the door, it always feels so homey!

  • Very beautiful!

  • Love it! It looks just like one you would find in the store. Even better actually!

  • I will say it again…beautiful job! It really does look professional!