Give a Gift that Gives Back {And Free Advertising}

Note: If you are a family member or friend who got an email from me or forwarded to you about this already, you can disregard most of this because I just copied and pasted it… it was too much work to write it all out again! Some of it is new, however, so you can start reading right about at the bullet points.

Today I’m grateful for an opportunity to make a difference.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been attempting to make a little income on my blog. I’ve had an affiliate store with Christian books mainly, and I’ve tried Open Sky. If you’ve seen the news, you probably heard about the mess with I joined many other bloggers in boycotting Amazon, and I removed my store and looked for a new opportunity. Then of course, Amazon gave into to the pressure and removed the book, but not before I’d discovered a new affiliate program: DaySpring. You know those free e-cards? Well, there’s a lot more to DaySpring, as I’ve discovered!

My application was approved, and I am working for DaySpring on commission. I make 12% of the profits on all non-card sales, and 15% on cards. 
But, during the Christmas season, I’d like to take this extra income and donate it to a worthy cause. Food for the Hungry has always been close to my heart, ever since I first heard of the child sponsorship program when I was eleven years old. They work in the “hard places” around the globe, supplying emergency aid and teaching life skills to help the poorest of poor provide for themselves and build a better community. Not only to they tend to the real physical needs, but they start churches, evangelize, and encourage existing believers in their faith. (You can click on the Haiti banner on the right sidebar to learn more)

So, I need your help! 

  • Please consider purchasing your Christmas cards, invitations, and thank yous through me. All you have to do is use the links and buttons I have posted to get to DaySpring, the blue one in the left sidebar or the Christmas one at the bottom of the page. 100% of my profits will be donated to Food for the Hungry. I think you’ll find that DaySpring’s prices are very competitive to what you could find at Walmart or Target. And unlike shopping at Walmart or Target, you’ll be supporting a Christian company and Food for the Hungry. It’s such a win-win! 
  • And I do still have my Amazon store. As I have mentioned in previous posts, all my profits from that store are also going to Food for the Hungry. So, if you have book or music lovers to shop for, check out Scribbles Shelf; it’s right under the blue DaySpring button.
  • Join me! Do you have an affiliate store, an Etsy shop, or something of the kind? Are you willing to donate any percentage of your profits to a charity or non-profit organization through the Christmas season? I would LOVE to offer you FREE advertising on my blog!!! Please shoot me an email and I will fill you in on the details! emi_jo08(at)hotmail(dot)com 

How do you handle Christmas giving? There are so, so many admirable organizations and causes out there. What ones are dear to you and why? I’d love to hear about them! And don’t forget to email me if you’d like some free advertising!

  • I love Dayspring. Thanks for letting me know about this option. Also, I had not read about the Amazon fiasco before you mentioned it. Yikes! Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Kindest regards,

  • It's my first time checking out your blog and I have to say you have a very elegant and beautiful look! The flowers and butterflies are great. I haven't had much luck with advertising, but good luck with that!!

  • I love this site and I certainly will go through you if I wan to buy something from them!

  • ooh, dayspring looks lovely, just a shame i don't live in the USA, or I would def buy my cards from there xx

  • Emily, I'm going to put a post up of some outreaches my church is doing and such. I'll mention your holiday giving and link back to this post. Hopefully, it will go up late tonight–if I get all the things done I need to between now and then! Blessings!

  • Here's my article Emily. And I put your Gift button in my sidebar also.