Cave Springs Camping Trip, Day 2

Our camping adventures continued, from my notebook: 

We didn’t get up until 9 a.m. Brian had been awake for awhile, and I’m glad he let me sleep. It as still cold, but once the sunlight reached over the canyon walls, it warmed up.  I couldn’t wait to see what our campsite looked like, since it’d been too dark to tell the night before. It was perfect! It smelled strongly of woodsmoke and pine, a creek ran along both sides, and the canyon walls stretched up on either side.

After breakfast, we took a walk around our campsite, and I took more pictures! 
That’s right, no fireworks in the bathrooms!

Cliff walls on both sides

We drove down to Sedona, filled up on gas, bought firewood (it’s much cheaper there than at the campsite), and took a few detours. 

Chapel of the Holy Cross

We found this castle like house! See the telescope on the roof?

We stopped for lunch after buying a day Red Rock Pass, then we drove up past our campsite to the Oak Creek Canyon Vista Point. It was incredible! 

Creepy sign
We planned to walk a nearby trail, but neither or us felt very good. It could have been the altitude, or dehydration. We filled our bottles and drove back to our site, and decided to take a nap. I slept long and deeply, and woke up around 4 p.m. Brian suggested we check out the creek. Beautiful! 

For dinner, we drove down to a Dairy Queen practically in the middle of nowhere and Bri got a cookie dough blizzard and I tried the pumpkin pie one. Delicious! I definitely recommend it if you’re a pumpkin fan! I needed a taste of fall, since I didn’t see many changing leaves. 
The campsite was full when we got back, and very hazy from all the campfires. We lit ours and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows, and just sat and watched the fire burn down, talking to each other now and then. 
Brian was beat, so when the fire burned down we put it out and made trip #1 to the bathroom. He’s already sleeping, but I think it’s about time for trip #2 and then bed. Tomorrow I hope to see that trail, and Brian suggested window shopping in Sedona. He knows me well!  When we get home, I have a quiz and a project to finish and turn in and a song to practice for Sunday morning. Yikes! I better enjoy the rest of our vacation while I can.  
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    Makes me want to get out on a trail!

    Thanks for sharing.

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  • You didn't break the no firecrackers in the bathroom rule did you??? 😀

    I liked the "creepy" sign…must be my ecology major creeping up on me again.

    I LOVED the huge tree with the rock in front of it–so Pride and Prejudicy 😀

    For dinner…DQ???? I suppose you ate hot dogs later so it's okay…

    I'm glad Brian is such a good sport about photos…Paul hates it when I take a billion pictures–especially of him!

  • These pictures are like a virtual vacation for me! One of these days I'll get the hubs to camp again – when the kids are older and when he sees how much more it costs to stay in a hotel!

  • I love Northern AZ! We spent our honeymoon in Sedona (actually in Oak Creek Canyon). It is so beautiful up there! Flagstaff is nice too. I really want Starbucks now. Lol. Thanks for sharing!

  • That castle house is amazing ! Your pics are very cute!Thanks for sharing.