All By Myself

Monday after we’ve just started back to normal life after our camping trip, Brian had the opportunity to go on a business trip. He called me and asked if I was ok with him going, and I encouraged him to go.

I was all by myself for two days and two nights. It was kind of like being single. Almost. But not really.

I could have called someone to hang out, but I decided I wanted to see how I did alone. I did get a little freaked out at night, after dinner, when it was really, really quiet. But overall, I enjoyed it. I took advantage of the time to get a lot of things done, and watch movies I knew Brian would never want to see with me. Each day besides working on school, writing, and the mountain of laundry, I had some fun time! Popcorn, chocolate, and chick flicks, oh my!


I may or may not have:

  • stayed up until 3 a.m. Monday night
  • watched “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and laughed out loud, although it felt funny not having someone to laugh with.
  • fixed actual meals. 
  • sung loud and proud whatever tune came into my head to break the silence.
  • kept the doors all locked at every second.
  • called Brian after 1 a.m. Monday night. Don’t worry, they were still driving, so he was awake and didn’t mind.
  • promised myself to go to sleep at a decent time, and stayed up until 4 a.m Tuesday night.
  • watched “The Proposal,” and laughed out loud, alone.
  • got a funny feeling in my mouth and on my lips, like the skin has been eaten away by all the salt from the chips and cheesy popcorn I ate.
  • slept with the light on.
Yes, all of the above are completely true.
And while it was fun being alone, it was…. lonely. I didn’t like having the whole bed to myself. I missed Bri’s smile and hugs. A lot. I’m glad it wasn’t for very long. 
I’m glad he’s back. And I’m glad I’m not single. 
I think I’ll see if I can talk Brian into watching “Confessions of  Shopaholic”…it’s just so much more fun to laugh with someone else!

  • i totally get this post! i stay up late when J is gone, and i relish in being able to watch movies he doesn't care to see. But i hate sleeping alone now. (Though it is nice to sprawl out in the bed.)
    Glad you had fun and glad Brian is back.

  • My husband is in the army and when he's gone on training I have chick flick marathons! That's the only way I know I'll ever get to see them.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! If only I had hours on end to craft! I have so many half done projects my husband is about to throttle me. I usually only do things I can get done while my little boy is down for his nap!


  • That is HILARIOUS! THe Proposal was so funny! I LOVE Ryan Reynolds. And Sandra Bullock. Glad you had fun, but I know what you mean…I would get lonely too!

  • I go through the same routine – I get kinda excited that I get complete power over the DVD player and then somewhere between movie #1 and DARK I seem lost in my own house. Luckily I have two snoring dogs and the kiddos are sound asleep – but it's still sometimes lonely.

  • You fixed actual meals when Brian wasn't there to eat it!!! You go girl! 😀 Hmm…I understand the staying up late thing–I can never make it to bed when Paul's gone either…or sometimes when he's home…

    I can't say that I've ever had the funny feeling that my skin has been eaten away…yeah…I say they lock people up for less than that… ;-P

    Glad you had fun by yourself, but next time, give us a call!

  • Kim

    I've gotten so I enjoy my "alone" time. Although I have children. No sharing the remote or watching another CSI show.

  • Sounds so fun!

  • Hi there! Dropping by from SITS to say, "Happy Tuesday, SITStah!" I recently saw "Leap Year". It was pretty cute. I love movies and prefer them to watching t.v….And I prefer reading over all. 🙂 Wishing you all the best.

    Kindest regards,

  • Great Post Emily! I know what you mean about the silence when you're not used to it. I pretty much followed this same routine when I was left alone for a week. I actually started liking being alone!

    Your blog is looking so fantastic! you're doing a much better job than I am at moving it forward!

    Warm regards,


  • i just watched this movie with my sister last friday! =p

    I sure know you're glad he's back but yeah.. it's good to be unofficially single sometimes and enjoy time with yourself =)

  • I totally understand the loneliness when your spouse is away. My husband had to go on quite a few business trips this year and I was happy to be alone for the first day but then it was just lonely. I sometimes also find it difficult to fall asleep if he is not lying next to me – it's just so comforting!

    Stopping in from SITS. I'm excited to take a better look around! 🙂

  • I love this movie!

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    Have a great weekend

  • Hey Girl! The next time Brian is out of town, give me a call, loneliness isn't fun but having a girlfriend to hang out with is! 😉

  • I find it weird when my husband is away, too, even though I spent years living alone. Now it feels like something is missing. Funny how we become so used to having that man we love around.

    xo Erin