Princess Day Pictures


This collage took me over four hours and four computer programs to complete. It’s definitely worth it!
If you haven’t yet, you can read a fun account of our princess day here
  • Kim

    Such sweet pictures and what a wonderful day! My own princesses are 14 and 10 already, but I remember those days well. You have such a delightful blog!

  • Look at those beautiful girls! Wait…their mine! How blessed am I??? 😀

    I like how you captured his face with the "Opa!"–you'd think he'd be used to setting things on fire by now!

    And the twinkle lights! And of course a wonderful picture of the desert! :-D. The fountain picture looks good too…I'm glad you were able to salvage it despite the dark!

    How fun! Thanks for doing this! 😀

  • Your collage is wonderful and your daughters are so beautiful! Don't know what you used to make your collage, but it's pretty simple on Photobucket once you get the hang of it.

    Thanks for your super kind comment! Made me smile 🙂

  • Hey Emily!

    Great photos! I can understand your frustration with making pictures look nice for the internet!

    There are some great "blogger boards" at

    Drop me an email if you need some tips or links – what software do you use?

    In any case, your blog is looking really, really great!

    Take care,