JoyNess Journal: Monday

Happy Monday!


There are so many things I could write about today, that it’s really hard to write about anything. So I’ve decided to just do a joyness journal list for today.


  • We went to Target last night and used our last Target wedding gift card to buy two clocks,  and a pair of tongs. I also bought a desperately needed swim suit and a pair of jeans, just for fun. Normally $20, they were on sale for $15, and the cashier gave me a catalina coupon someone had left there for $3 off! {I’ll have some pictures of our new clocks soon. And maybe my jeans, they’re just too cute!}
  •  My order from Tres Chic Boutique arrived! (I might write a post about it this week)
  •  I get to babysit today
  • It’s Princess day! 


  • You can read all about our princess day on Honormommy’s blog. As you can see, it was a blast! {Pictures coming soon}
  • Brian had a great time camping with the men from church
  • Now he really wants to go camping again, with me!
  • We had a sweet date last night; dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, looking at Mustangs at the Ford Dealership, and picking out camping equipment at the Bass Pro Shop. The nice dinner was for mainly my benefit (I had a migraine earlier and didn’t feel like cooking), the mustangs for Brian (and kind of me, since they are my all time favorite car), and the Bass Pro Shop was for both of us, because it really is a good place for dates, surprisingly. We saw numerous couples there, obviously also on dates, and there’s a nice restaurant sort of attached. 
  • My October issue of Better Homes and Gardens came! I can’t wait to read it. 
  • School went well. I’m doing well in all my classes except Chemistry…if the lectures weren’t so boring I could learn faster…
  • I hope to get the house vacuumed today
  • I posted on my blog! Well, once I publish it anyway. 
What good things happened to you over the weekend? 
  • Ahh – Chemistry. Blech! I think it is a rule that chemistry professors need to be boring!

    My weekend was pretty good – the Hubs vacuumed the house and helped me get everything cleaned up and organized. He left to play a gig. Mom came in to town and I had a Miche purse party with a bunch of friends!