I Won!!!

I won! I won! The first thing I read when I checked my blog yesterday was a comment from Melanie of Elegant Custom Blogs on my Blog Makeover post. I won a FREE custom blog design, valued at $50! I get a custom header, background, color coordination of links, template, and installation! I was so excited, I was almost jumping up and down!

And my day kept getting better. I braved the heat to walk over to our neighborhood Barnes and Noble and found the perfect birthday present for my favorite six year olds, a book called “A Treasury for Six Year Olds.” While they just turned six, they’re already VERY good readers.  I wasn’t sure if they were ready for chapter books, and I knew they were past the beginning reader books, but this one had a variety of stories, poems, and the like. BTW, you know you’re home schooled when you LIKE getting books for your birthday 🙂 

When I returned, I stopped to check the mail and found my birthday present from Brian waiting: my first Better Homes and Gardens Magazine! AND it came with a little recipe book. I’ve already perused the whole thing, but I’m excited to go back and read it more in depth. 

After lunch, I decided to venture out again. When Brian and I were grocery shopping last weekend, we passed an enormous Goodwill. Come to find out, it was only about a block or two from our apartment. So once again I braved the heat to discover the treasures of Goodwill. I have NEVER seen such a Goodwill. It was INCREDIBLE. I found so many cool things, and I took pictures of other things for my wish list. But, I will save that for another post! Stay tuned! 🙂

  • Congrats on wining the blog design makeover! i can't wait to see what your new site will look like!

  • How exciting! I can't wait to see what your new blog design will be 🙂

  • I'm excited to see your finds at Goodwill! 😀

  • Yay for winning the blog design! I can't wait to see what they do :-D. As for your birthday present–the six year olds in question love your book. My favorite stories when I was little came from the "Treasures for Four Year Olds" book :-D. Honor especially loved the story, "The Unicorn and the Dragon"–HELLO…perfect for Honor! 😀 And yesterday at the doctor, Honor was quick to tell the doctor that she's homeschooled :-D.