Blog Makeover

Have I mentioned the Sits 31 days build a better blog challenge? While it has been overwhelming at times, I’ve picked up a lot of useful information and tips for better writing, and I’ve been inspired to make a few changes. Thus, you’ll notice the “About Me” section to the right is gone, and instead there’s a tab at the the top called “About Scribbles.” That’s where it went. Since it looked so empty without my husband’s and my smiling faces, I had to add the little coffee picture, which you may recall from my Coffee Love post.

Even with the 31 dbbb thing, I’m still very computer-ly illiterate, so making these few changes turned out to be quite the ordeal. Since I can never be satisfied with my writing, I edited the new About page for over an hour, and then I copied and accidentally dragged text around in the paragraph, and so of course I just hit control Z, my rescue button. This time it failed me. My ENTIRE POST DISAPPEARED. And no amount of control Z was bringing it back. I cried. Actually, I lay on the floor and bawled. My blogging career might have been over, but Brian came to my rescue like the knight in shining armor he is. Luckily, I’d left a preview window open, so Brian took a few screen shots of it and re-typed the entire post into a Word Document for me!

I feel that a makeover is in order. I’ve been somewhat unsatisfied with this background. The column for the posts is too narrow for large pictures, and there’s lots of unused room along the edges. Also, I’m going back and forth on the birds and branch. You see, I’ve always loved butterflies. Blue ones. I didn’t shop around enough when picking my background, because there are lots of butterfly backgrounds. And there’s the issue of the title: Scribbles from Emily. Birds and branches don’t have much to do with scribbles. But, there’s some sweet backgrounds in the Blogger Template Designer with books and lined notebook paper. If my blog title was something about a nest maybe, then the current background would fit very well. I’ll save that for when I start my interior design business: Emily’s Nest. Hmmm…

Anyway, I think that the perfect design would combine butterflies and notebook paper, however, I have yet to find such a design. BUT, I have entered a drawing for a FREE custom blog giveaway, at Elegant Custom Blogs. Vote for me! Just kidding, there’s no voting. And I will be unselfish and even suggest that you enter if you feel your blog could use a face-lift.

In the meantime, I really need your help. I’m terrible at making decisions. So if I don’t win the blog design, which of the following backgrounds would you vote for? Also, for your own benefit, there’s lots of blogging buttons, even some headers and other extras on these sites you might want to give your own blog a little facial.

Shabby Blogs: Daydream Believer, Aqua Butterfly, Bella Butterfly, or Nature Walk
Blogaholic Designs: Leslie, Maddy
Blogger Template Designer: I don’t think you can see this unless you have a Blogger blog. It’s one of the options under the Design Tab. Select a template, such as Picture Window, then go to Backgrounds, Arts, and there you’ll find the book ones and notebook paper.

There, now that you’ve checked out the links, you’ve seen some great options and probably don’t feel the need to enter the giveaway, right?!

Kidding. But seriously, I could use some feedback on picking a blog background, or on keeping the same one even, if you feel that it fits my blog. Also, if you have suggestions for more pages to go along the top, or other cosmetic issues, I’d love to hear it!

  • i like Leslie and Maddy on Blogaholic Designs! They both look really great and i like their colors. But i'm sure whatever you pick will be wonderful!

  • Hmmm…those are all good choices, but the Maddy one looks the most like a "scribbles" design to me. I also really liked Leslie and Daydream Believer.

    I personally don't like the notebook paper ones on the blogger site…they are kind of boring. And I don't know if a bookshelf one would be fitting since you don't really write about books.

    Also, did you know you can adjust the column width…or maybe it's just with the new templates.

  • hmm… you definitely want something that ties in your title AND your personality. I like either Leslie or Maddie. It may be too dark, but it is simple and elegant with a butterfly – have you considered Briana?

    Also, in blogger, you can select a simple template (I use Simple on one blog and the picture window one on the other). You can choose images to appear on your sidebars – there are TONS of fantastic pictures in their library.

    When in doubt, try it out! I read somewhere of a blogger who kept an unpublished blog to just try new backgrounds on without messing up the published one.

    Good luck!

  • I changed to a 3 column format and was then able to mess with the width of the columns, but I had to do the picture window template too.
    I moved all the gadgets to the left so the bird and branch was still visible. And I added the header, which I LOVE!
    There seemed to be a problem with the commenter after the new changes. I could not for the life of me figure out why it wouldn't allow comments. I guess it's fixed now, but I greatly prefer having the comments on the same page and not a separate window 🙁

    So three for Maddy and two for Leslie, and one for Daydream and one for Briana.

  • Hey! You WON the giveaway on my site "Elegant Custom Blogs" YAY for you!!! 🙂 I am ready to start your design whenever you would like me too. Please just email me back at ''

    THANK YOU for entering! I look forward to working with you!